Friday, March 10, 2006

msb-0008 Richarding Around

We're starting off this podcast with The Detonators. They're a kick-ass band from Noo Joyzee that I first encountered at a bar here in Jersey City.

Yes, I'm definitely over 21 so I can go into a bar. My walking doesn't get any worse after a beer or two. It doesn't improve either ...sigh...


Any listener feedback goes first so let me hear from you.

I know you're out there listening. I hit 150+ downloads today just on msb-0007. is wonderful that way. I don't know who you are but I know you're out there.

I am not alone and that is a strangely powerful thing.


I'm still working on the interview with Kaye Brewster (aka Polopop) and we're emailing across the pond, getting the interview into shape.

I'm still working on the book review for AlternativeKitten. Its coming along nicely and I think I'll be video casting it. Blame her for that. But you will get to see my office :-) It was exhausting but its really worth it.

Quite apart from being well written, the character of Jehane aka Jenny grows on you as the chapters pass by, almost unnoticed. This is a good read. I'm a little awed. I'm studying the New York Times Review of Books as a template of sorts so I do justice to the book.

I'm still working on getting an interview with Ms Monaco of the LasciviousBiddies.


Last episode was cut short by because GarageBand has a limit of 999 bars to an episode.

Who knew Bach's Tocata and Fugue took up so much space?

I've got iLife 06 installed on my G5 iMac so I'll have to check it out as soon as I get it into my new office. (Hooray...) I've been using my ol' TiTanium PowerBook to record all of my episodes up till now.

Yep! GarageBand 06 has about an hour before it poops out. It also has something for podasting so I'll check out how that affects my workflow.

Everything in my dark, dreary, dirty, dusty, old office (pictures one & two) is out.

It was hell. UPS delivered a bunch of boxes on Friday instead of Monday or Tuesday.

I have school Friday night and Saturday. I was counting on having Sunday to prepare the space... Wrong!

I am stuck with big cardboard boxes in my living room all week-end while I empty out my office.

And the bases for my two main storage towers, the file cabinets won't even get here until Tuesday.

I think the letters UPS stand for Unbelievably Poor Service. (One of the guys I go to school with worked for them. He said the letters sood for Under Paid Slaves. I'll defer to his insider perspective.)

The guys just dumped five big boxes in front of the building and wouldn't even take them inside.

The super of my building, Louis, is a really great kid (to me even thirty somethings are kids now,) because I was not even home when the packages came.

Thank heavens he managed to wrestle them inside. If he hadn't, well, I don't live in the best of neighbourhoods, even if I did, they'd still just lying in boxed on friggin' Jersey City streets. I'd probably have been ripped off for my furniture and screw the 3 grand I'd've coughed up.

I had a school test on Friday evening and some more tests on Saturday.

And I really hate the way UPS handled the deliveries. If that the kind of service you get after shelling out $295 delivery charge and $232 shipping charges? Grrr....

And it not as if I could handle the stuff by myself. I can just imagine if it had been raining or if I didn't have a super who was willing and able to help.

I hope they hear this podcast and hang their heads in shame. But the odds of that are small. First, they aren't likely to hear it with the MS demographic. Second, I doubt that they're aware of who their fathers are; or even their mothers.

Regardless, now it looks like this! (pictures three and four.)


The logo font contest is still on.

C'mon folks. $50.00 in iTunes for finding a font for me.

You can go back and play msb-0006 and msb-0007 for the details. Ain't podcasting grand? :-)


I have the same request this week as last week.

Could you get yourselves on my Frapper map?

Its just down on the left hand side of the page.

Just above that, you can Subscribe with iTunes.

Just above that, you can Email Me.

Just above that, you can fill out my simple little Audience survey.

And some comments (on the right-hand side) on the episode you liked, or didn't like, would help me guide my future episodes to reflect what you want.


Well, here go and today I feel like just having some fun.

First, its been freezing up here in Joyzee for the past week, like it was around Christmass time, so its not much of a stretch to pretend that "Its Jesus' Birthday."

Well, this next song goes out to my brother-in-lawn, sister, niece, grand-nephew and her hubby in Dallas Texas, because "Jesus Was a Cowboy."

I just love "Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie".

I'd play "Personal Jesus" by "Depeche Mode" but its copyright and the RIAA doesn't care that Depeche Mode is losing some exposure, they're just sue-happy and I'm not taking the chance.

But, in keeping with my evangelical theme this podcast, since I had the epiphany of podcasting, here's "Mambo Jesu" by Juba; another song from the original CD-ROM "101 of the best songs you've never heard" from the original

The protectionist alphabet of AA's can kiss my sick ol' ass. And if they try it, well I "don't swing that way" so here's the sound track to try do it to: "Northern Style Kung Fu" by "Micronaut" off of the same album.

Well now, I feel "Closer to the Animal" by "TheAliMan" also off of the same album.

I don't play much computer games but I love some of the music, like "Konoco Chase" by "Power of Seven (Bungie)".

Actually, I stopped playing computer games back in 1995 after Doom and Doom II. Didn't have the time or the inclination.

But many happy days were spent with Vassili in my apartment, the Mozart I think is was, back in Montreal.

Vassli was the brightest and best person I ever interviewed. He was Russian, (sitting on the throne reading my ex-wife's Russian for Dummies schoolbooks was useful in ways I'd never imagined,) and he was a fun job interview.

We kept asking him questions long after we decided to hire him (and we told him so too,) because he really knew object-oriented programming and Smalltalk. Last I heard from him, he was in California, still working for CinCom.

Damn, I've got a song clomping through my head in a pair of black Doc Martins'. Its "People who died" by the "Jim Carrol Band" You'll just have to take it from me that its a kick-ass punk rock song.

How about something podsafe instead.

That's enough fun for this episode. (Note I'm not saying when, since the time of day doesn't matter, or even the day, its a podcast. :-) I'm closing this episode with Marionette by the Two Star Symphony off of

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