Saturday, May 20, 2006

msb-0022 Ouch!, Audiobooks Speedbumps & msb-0023 Sounds of Silence 0002

msb-0022 Ouch!, Audiobooks Speedbumps & msb-0023 Sounds of Silence 0002

Feedback goes first, but I don't have any. Boo ... hoo... Nobody wants to talk with me. (Its like they all have lives or sumtin'.)

Hey, here's an idea: Why not drop me a line on my web page next to an episode you really liked? Or hated?

Music is a very personal taste. What are your tastes?

I appologise for the fact that I'm fixing my web page. Soon the normal email weblink will be back and I'm adding ways to give me audio feedback on line, on the phone and to Skype me too.

For now you can email me at (Its actually a catch-all re-mailer so you could email me at and it would probably reach me as well. :-)


I'm delighted with the BBC. They added a section for disabled people.

On the third episode it featured somebody (and that's some body! Wow!) with MS.

Its at Its irreverant, funny, topical and well worth the listen.

Go to their website and they explain it better than I can.


I've been listening to "Ancestor" and "Infection" by Scott Sigler and its something to really get your mind off of your problems.

You can find his site at .

What friggin' great bunch of audio books.

I started listening yesterday, as I write this, its a couple of weeks in 'real-time' and fell asleep with episode one of "Ancestor" still ringing in my ears and rattling 'round in my brain.

I'm up to episode nine as I write this because I can't pull the buds outta my ears.

(Later: I've finished the book and I gotta tell you it was a real nail chewer right up 'til the end. If you've got a vivid imagination, its positively addictive. Good thing he has already got another one for me to get into.)

I've actually used my iPod to go through a fifteen week course in logic. I love being able to 'attend' the lectures on my iPod without actually having to be there. I might miss the in class interaction but, since there is no way I could actually attend, this is the next best thing.

I've also bought and listened to "Linked: the New Science of Networks" by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, which is available at the iTunes Music Store.

Okay, those are not podsafe music but they have filled my ears with some great themes. Like wow!


I've been reading "Speed Bumps" by Teri Garr (ISBN 1-59463-007-0)

She is a driven and talented (but very driven) woman. (Did I mention she is driven? :-)

Its a great read. A funny, charming and a very personal look at Ms. Garr. her childhood, her adolescence, her career and her struggles to underestand and come to grips with her own MS.

Go buy it!

Its as interesting and inspirational a book as I've had a chance to read in a long time.

She and I share something: Rebif. (Hey Serono, want a podcaster as your spokes person?)

I also share her view of MS.

Its a speedbump in the parking lot of life, and we're all getting to that 'final exit' anyway.


Now on with the show.

Greensleves is the only tune attributed to Henry VIII and like all royalty, he isn't getting any, royalties that is.

That's going straight into the pockets of the RIAA.

What a useless bunch of bloody tripe chewers.

Their heads covered in gore as they eat the living liver of some musical Prometheus.

I'm putting these podsafe shows together and they aren't getting a friggin' dime out of it.

They must be muttering "We'll get you. Your ass is grass. We'll squeeze our pocketful of music lobbists and we'll kill your show; you sick li'l cripple. We'll squash you like the insignificant bug you are."

Okay. That's bear baiting, but they're not my masters. The worst thing I can wish on them is that they have to deal with themselves.


I'm having a wonderful time with my life and thriving, in spite of having MS.

I've got a job that's not too demanding.

I've got side projects that are at the bleeding edge of computer science to keep me sane.

I've got podcasting and the occasional feedback.

And I've got a life with Lee.

What the fuck more can a man ask for?

(Okay, I wouldn't mind being able to play guitar again, dance again or even walk normally again. But overall, things are good.)


As always I'm hungry for feedback from you. How'd you like the last show? I shut up and let the music speak for me. (Anybody figure out the theme? Don't feel bad if you didn't. It was rather obscure.)

I've got another one lined up too.


msb-0023 Sounds of Silence

Simon & Garfunkle aren't involved.

Today I thought I'd give you a rest from my ranting and just play da music, man; just play da music.

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