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This is episode 29

With apologies to "Bored of the Rings" (1) this week its all about the pastoral squalor one finds outside of the urban area, away from the nascent, semi-arcologies of Jersey City and the other cities huddled in the shadow of New York City, (itself a nascent arcology).

(A ha! Some fore shadowing of this Friday's "Peak Oil" show. [Arcology... Arcology... What the heck is is an arcology? Tune in Friday and find out why it may save your children's and their children's butts.])

In keeping with my habit of stating episodes of this show with, uh, future classics, in sort of the theme of pastoral squalor in here is

"The Drop System" by "Pastora"

(1)"Bored of the Rings"is a National Lampoon take on J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" and probably came out, like the original, way before any of you attending this school were born.

[ ]

To quote:
"Boggies are an unattractive but annoying people whose numbers have increased rather precipitously since the bottom fell out of the fairy-tale market. Slow and sullen, and yet dull, they prefer to lead simple lives of pastoral squalor. They don't like machines more complicated than a garotte, a blackjack, or a luger, and they have always been shy of the 'big folk' or 'biggers' as they call us. As a rule they avoid us, except on rare occasions when a hundred or so will get together to dry-gulch a lone farmer or hunter. They seldom exceed three feet in height, but are fully capable of overpowering creatures half their size when they get the drop on them. . . . Their beginnings lie far back in the Good Ole Days when the planet was populated with the kind of colorful creatures you have to drink a quart of Old Overcoat to see nowadays."


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As Liebnitz famously once said: "The 'Power of the Press' belongs to those who own one."

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The future of the press lies on-line with the internet mixing media according to their appropriateness to whatever is being reported.

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So log on to and grow with the media.


The theme this evening is Pastoral scenes.(Pastoral Squalor as I like to refer to it, like scenes of rusted farm equipment in the fields and rusted heaps if the front yards of tumble down barn yard shacks, in desperate need of a coat of paint [or cleansing arson.]

Now "Adelante La Musica"


This episode featured the following music:

"The Drop System" by "Pastora" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira.

"The Lark Ascending" by: "Ralph Vaughan Williams" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira.

"Suite Pastorale: Idylle" by: "Emmanuel Chabrier" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira.

"Brigg Fair" by: "Percy Grainger" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira.

"Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Opus 68, "Pastoral": First Movement" by: "Ludwig Van Beethoven" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira.

"English Dances, Set II, Opus 33, No. 1" by: "Malcolm Arnold" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira.

"Rosamunde: Entr'acte No. 2" by: "Franz Schubert" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira.

"St. Paul's Suite: Fourth Movement (The Dargason)" by: "Gustav Holst" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira.

"Divertimento in D Major K136: Third Movement" by: "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira.


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Anonymous said...

What do know about drinking a quart of Old Overcoat?

Charles-A. Rovira said...

I was quoting from "Bored of The Rings" and not speaking from personal experience. :-)