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msb-0359 Beautiful Day

msb-0359 Beautiful Day

YouTube Beautiful Day:


Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

MSBPodcast is "not" any kind of a medical podcast.

It is by and for MSers.

Its purpose is to keep us entertained, to explain our symptoms, to remark on our discoveries, and to raise the general consciousness about our disease.

The path to illness is shadowy, murky and rough strewn.

The path to wellness is lit by the lamp of knowledge.


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I really need this.


Feedback comes first, so...

Today is the first World MS Day.

I discovered that in an email in my inbox today.

What the hell kind of event promotion is this?

By the time "anybody" could find out, the day's over...

I know for next year but ... jeesh.

How the hell do they get any participation?

People are just discovering this too, as I can tell by the low number of subscribers on twitter.

More on this later in the episode. Suffice ti to say that that execrable campaign is why this episode is 24 hours late.

I threw away the episode I had prepared, flung it at the freakin' wall, and created this episode instead.

---- "Marian Records First Podcast" by: "Various Artists"

Feed Forward comes next, so...

This is "your" segment.

Say "your" piece on this segment.

Share with other MSers whatever "you" want to share.

Drop us an email: "charles at"

---- "First Run" by: "Jon Schmidt"

Feed Me comes third, so...

I now have TWO sponsors.

I told you, way back when, getting the first one was the toughest.

Now I have two and it didn't take another three years and several thousands more dollars of spending on my part.

The links are synchronized with the messages on the m4a right now.

It you're listening on this through iTunes or through a web browser, just click on the image for the sponsor and I'll take you right to the appropriate web page.

If you're on an iPhone or an iPod touch, you should be good to go too.


The first sponsor, you should be all familiar with and maybe even have bought some t-shirts.[ ]

I'm still in love with my T-Shirts,

I'm wearing one right now.

The one by Mark Carpenter that says "Its the little things in life..." [ ]

Dang but it looks good.

I love black-and-white photography.

That sort of explains some of the posters and art hanging on the wall around here.


I received the CADDi in the mail, and, after trying it out, I feel that I can honestly recommend the CADDi by BARBCO. [ ]

The picture of the CADDi in use sort of says it all.

Its a caddy for carrying around your hot or cold drinks, without risking life, limb, or whatever you're wearing, from spilling your drink.

I'm wondering how to attach it to a wheelchair. but I don't have one so I've got nothing to experiment with.

I'd probably sling it over the handles in the back and be able to retrieve it from there.

As I told you in the last episode, I am breaking with my role of trying to carry ads or getting sponsors strictly from MS related products.

The CADDI is for non MSers but it could/should be for us too.

---- "First Date" by: "Danko Jones"


I love finding out about things on the very day that they're happening.

What is this?

Planing to fail by failing to plan?

The FIRST thing you learn about promoting an event is to get the word out in time for people to react.

This was the equivalent to getting a reprieve from the governor half a day after the feakin' lever's been pulled.

And twenty seconds on the news after the event has happened earlier that day is definitely NOT it.

For event promotion, the news is,not the right name for it, its the "olds"

That, at best, is PR and that serves to build a brand, not to advertise an event.

---- "First Contact" by: "Specimen 37"


I am going to read you a tweet from someone who thought it referred to something else:

"thought that was an anti-microsoft day, after looking at some tweets. Need a rest :/"

Microsoft. MS. Get it?

That's some truly execrable promotion.

That tells me that this World MS Day promotion was probably thought of by somebody who doesn't know squat about marketing and certainly doesn't know diddly about how to host a event promotion.

Actually it was probably thought up by some intern who's working the "Charity Desk" at some advertising firm.

They only ever checked if the kid was screwing up, but they never checked if the kid was doing what was required and necessary.

Okay, I'm here to prevent this from ever happening to the next media event.

Lets get at least one term out of the way so we can all be on the same page.

In this case, its page 758 of "Advertising and Promotion" by George E Belch and Michael A. Belch, ISBN: 978-0-07-310126-2 [ ]

I know its expensive, like $135, but a professional should know what's in it.

Promotion is the "coordination" of all 'seller-initiated' efforts to set up channels of information and persuasion to sell goods and services or to promote an idea.

The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation and its member MS societies for any individual, group and organisation involved in the global MS movement, are selling the idea of an event called.""World MS Day,

One of the best blog posts about promotion of an event, as opposed to event promotion, is by Stephanie Booth [ ]

Go and read her blog entry. You'll see what a half-hearted, half-assed effort this was.

Basically, it says, in French, with lots of English translation later on in the blog entry for the intellectually challenged, that promoting these events takes TIME and EFFORT.

What you get from this absolutely "half-past-too-late" effort is an expensive waste of your charity donations.

There are lots of ways for promoting your global efforts, and they did employ some of them, after a fashion and way too late.

The overall effort in coordinating the efforts of people, firms, government agencies and NGOs and the work in meshing the various media, broadcast, meaning the national media, the local outlets, television, radio, newspapers and other print media, and the labors in getting coverage from the internet media, using sites like Hufffington Post, or, or by recruiting blogs, podcasts, video podcasts and the like was utterly PATHETIC.

Its MS people.

Do a friggin' google search for "Multiple Sclerosis Blog" and get in touch with the people about a campaign you want to run.

Don't wait until the day of the friggin' event and expect people to suddenly rise magically up to help you, like Aristotle who thought that bugs arose spontaneously from mud.

It doesn't work that way people. This is real life.

I've already been smacked in the friggin' face by a heavy shovel called MS.

Don't throw dirt in my face, using your own ignorance and ineptitude to add insult to injury.

---- "The First" by: "LOB Tech Tones"


The MS society here in the 'States and the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation get a big FAIL on promoting the World MS Day.

Lets hope they get their act together next year because they obviously didn't do that this year.

This freaking' mess, well, it stunk.

I rate the effort as worse than amateurish, worse than dilettante-ish, worse that ignorant and uninformed.

I rate it as a waste of good money and there ain't none us got money to waste.

---- "first and last" by: "theStark"



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