Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Go to the MSBPodcast wiki intead.

Enough of this mollycoddling... :-)

I'm stopping all further blog and podcast posting and directing you to go to the MSBPodcast wiki instead.

Click here for my new wiki site.

And spammers, forget it. You still have to go through comment moderation and I'm not about to let you mar my site.


Czes Kulvis said...

Just interested - why you decided to leave your Multiple Sclerosis blog and move?


Charles-A. Rovira said...

I did it because it was time to "eat my own dog food" and stop using the 'infinite scroll" blog form since my show is more structured than just an infinite scroll.

I get several thousand unique visitors to the site per month and its time I made life easier both for me and for them.

There are several layout issues that need to be worked out with the wiki form and that's not going to happen until I live with it for a while and figure out the most energy efficient way to layout, create and maintain the wiki pages.

I will be switching the wiki to use a 9 panel window grid which will tighten up the look and feel.

The individual "episode notes" layout is satisfactory as it just echoes the audio, though I might apply a grid pattern on it to get better visual control. (I'm wondering whether to use CSS mixed in with a tabular layout.)

I am also working on other graphic elements.

I wonder of I'm going to ditch the cat and get a professional looking logo.

Its tough to think up of something that says MSB's podcast in quite the same way.

The cat is the "non threatening," almost cute, friendly, "Can we talk?" kind of image I want to project on the podcast.

Yes, I am talking about MS and I'm not watering the information down.

That's why I play 6 podsafe tunes per episodes, plus the video at the front that you can watch before you start the episode, all selected around a key word "theme."

Okay, you don't need a medical PHD but I'm not turning the knob down to stupid or cranking it up to "Send Your Donations To:" scary.

Plus I am learning things at college and my marketing skills are improving (Witness my two sponsors now. [I think I will also expand the Feed Forward segment to include companies which I want to eventually end up in the Feed Me segment.])

I will be ready to upgrade the entire look and feel of the site and will begin the new year with many structural and aesthetic improvements.

The beauty of using the wiki is that I can build it all in a series of side pages, QA/Test them, and when I need to make the switch, I can switch the front page and the whole site will follow.

Anonymous said...
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Charles-A. Rovira said...

Well, go to the wiki, which has the same content, plus the posts since, but better organized, (ImMyHumbleOpinion. :-)

I'm writing a 200 or so page book (its scheduled to be released on 01/01/2010, [we'll see if it takes me that long to complete it, {I doubt it, I'm already in a second draft,}]) about the whole MSBPodcast experience as a sort of "stake in the ground" as I'm going to expand the podcast to include and and all other disabilities in an attempt to reach more people, and more "sponsors."

Sponsor doesn't mean they're paying, is means they're spreading the word and acting as multiple reference points for the show by name (Which helps my Google ratings. [The Disability Show is about to really get "linked to".)