Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis is no picnic, nor is MS;

but its NOT the end of the world.

It certainly wasn't the end of mine.

Do you have MS?

Does your spouse or significant other have MS?

Does a parent, child or relative have MS?

Do you know someone with MS?

Do you care for someone with MS?

Are you just curious about MS?

Well, I've got MS and I'm reaching out to you with my blog and podcast.

I'm not one to cry and whine, bemoaning fate and the uncaring world.

Instead I'm using this as a channel for our special interests.

Special interests, like people affected with multiple sclerosis, have always been shut out of access to mainstream media.

If you weren't rich, like a mainstream advertiser, or the popular genre of the week, you were out of luck.

Well, no more.

The msb podshow is by, about, and for people whose lives have been touched by Multiple Sclerosis.

It should be a focus for health news, our news, our lives and carry some topical advertising for us, people with MS.

The msb podshow can be found at msb.libsyn.com and can also be found on iTunes (just follow the on page link or search for "Multiple Sclerosis" and my cat 'Wiki' will guide you to it.)

I'm not a professional podcaster, yet, but I'm having fun learning, while I cope with MS.

I've got some show ideas, some podsafe music, lots of podsafe music, and some questions for the audience so they can teach me what their lives are like.

Drop me a line at msb@artdogs.org, use the on-page Email Me link, and there are links to the US National MS Society, a Frappr map, and links back and forth between the blog and the podshow.

Maybe you're not here in Jersey City, in New Jersey or even in the 'States. Then I definitely want you to drop me a line at msg@artdogs.org, use the on-page Email Me link, and lets get your country, state or city chapter on the Frappr map.

There are other MS maps and MS podcasts out there and this is all good.

What I don't get to one week, maybe they will, and vice versa.

The msb podshow can be found at msb.libsyn.com and can also be found on iTunes (just click on the link, or search for "Multiple Sclerosis" and let my cat 'Wiki' guide you to it.)

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