Friday, February 03, 2006

msb-0002 They also serve who only stand and wait -Milton

You're getting this podcast, even though I sound like someone stuffed a cork in my schnozz.

I'll try to edit out all my horking, but I DO have a pretty bad cold. We had a couple weeks of 'global warming' weather here in New Jersey and it allowed all kinds of virii to proliferate. Guess who got in the way of one last week? Right.

This was rarely a problem back in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It got cold enough that virii broke up and shattered on contact with anything warm, like lung tissue. (Later I'll tell you why I eat duck with so much gusto.)

I'm sitting here, 'engine on idle,' while I wait for some listener feed back.

I'm not expecting any yet.

Hell, I'm still developping promos for the show.

Well, already I'm wrong.

My promo ran on "Pacific Coast Hellway", ( or will take you to the iTunes Music Store) Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff is really a great guy.

And it ran on "The M Show", ( or will take you to the iTunes Music Store) John there is also wonderful.

I'd written that nobody'd heard of me yet, but, hey, I might be wrong.

The feed back from the podcasting community has been great, though they're really not my main focus. Its all about the MS.

Speaking of which, I'm trying to get the word out to Montel Williams. He's a media personality and he's got MS so I figure, what the heck? Let see if I can interest him in the podcast, or better yet if I could interview him on his MS.

I put together a promo and C.C. Chapman of the podcast "Accident Hash" ( or look for it on iTunes) said it was too long to fit into his format.

Rather than debate the point that "Its podcasting. You're not on anybody's clock but your own and if something takes two-and-a-half minutes, screw it, it takes two-and-a-half minutes."

Instead, I was (un?)characteristically cooperative and cut the hideous thing down to less than thirty seconds.

Still, it gets the data across.
But my point about podcasting being time/duration independent still stands.

Legally, podcasting constitutes an asynchronous, time-shifted, place-shifted, medium-shifted, personal and privileged, direct communication between two people, me and every individual member of my 'community.'

We can say whatever we want, however long we want.

It is speech and protected by the first ammendment here in the 'States and the equivalent legal/human rights writs in the United Nations and in what ever countries the message happen to be received in.

That's not to say that its not subject to any steps that the government of the nation in which the message is received might deem expedient/necessary. Its only an email after all.

But it is NOT a broacast.

The FCC, and I suspect the RIAA, BMI, ASCAP, and all the rest of the IP concerned institutions, DON'T HAVE ANY RIGHT TO INTERFERE.

Actually, I also suspect that ANY and ALL music is, by the definition of the medium, 'podsafe'. Of course, that's just my opinion.
[holy shit & hot damn Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff] is a great guy.

Not only does he entertain lots of people, me among them, with "Pacific Coast Hellway" (I already gave out the links) but he ran the spot and has asked me for a 'personalized' demo that he'll run later in the week. :-)

Here it is now:

[background is ocean waves. (Go figure?)]

Mark Yoshimoto Nemkoff, like, you're real ignurnt, eh?

Canada was originally named 'kah-nah-tah,' eh?

Its an old indian word for 'meeting place', eh?

Like, its not my fuckin' fault the fuckin' Red Coats couldn't pronounce
anything right, eh?

So fuck your 'Canadia' and fuck you, and the split-beaver you slid outta,

This is Chuck, the Canuck, for, eh?

A pod show by, for and about people with MS, eh?

That's m-s-b dot l-i-b-s-y-n dot com, eh?

And, like, I'm on iTunes too, eh?

[sound of beer bottle opening]
[back to incidental music]

I never really liked the sound of my voice. "Zat, is why is speak with all these outrageous accents." Je suis d'origine Francaise. "Un bon 'ti Quebecois, hostie!"

So how about some music from the 'south shore' of where I originally hail from:

[guytare] "Cantons de l'est"

[back to incidental music]

Since most people with MS are diagnosed as adults, I figure, the occasinal cussing's acceptable.

My target audience doesn't need molly-codling or to be 'protected' from 'strong' language.

Hell they're probably coping with the devastation and subsequent uncertainty of MS and can contribute their own salty language.

This actually brings me to Josh Jacobson of The Just Joshin' Podcast ( or look for him in iTunes.)

He's far too bright to need such molly-codling and probably has just a little resentment of the 'halts' and hiccups in people's speech as they try to censor themselves.

But, he's below the age bar for the 'adult conspiracy', as as Piers Anthony so charmingly puts it, (,) so he'll have to use the 'clean' version. :-)

But because of the onset of my own MS, and that of quite a few others, occured while my body was in the throws of puberty. I wonder if anyone he knows, or more to the point if anyone that knows of Josh, is exhibiting slight tremors, mild blurred vision or other tell-tale symptoms.

There are other podcasters who I've been reaching out to but I haven't heard back from yet.

Okay, I'm listening to "Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie" ( or just serch for them on iTunes) do "The Proximity to God Index"

[Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie, "The proximity to god Index".]

[back to incidental music]

Actually, I was listening to them do "My Girlfriend's Got a Boyfriend" but its a protected AAC file so I can't convert it to the MP3 format required for podcasts. DRM rears its UGLY head, even if I have the Trolls' permission to podcast their stuff. Shit happens.

They skewer new-age (pronounced like 'sewage') and they do a damn good job of it too.

I am struck by the small but persistent number of charlatans surrounding MS 'Cures' and other mechanisms by which the healthier but the definitely depraved segment of society try to prey on us.

Still, I suppose its no worse than the witch doctors who are selling 'cures' for aids.

I wish them no luck.

[hurt street]ravenous

Its interesting that both are immune system diseases. While AIDS is the result of the collapse of the immune system under a viral attack, MS is the result of some misdirection of an overactive, or even perfectly healthy, immune system which gets confused and attacks the myelin sheath around your nerves.

Well, I'm going to cut this episode here. And give you a little more time.

[Lonnie Brooks, Long John Hunter, Phillip Walker] A Little More Time

I have a special treat for you next podshow...

Tata for now.

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