Wednesday, February 08, 2006

msb-0004 -The Princess of Twee & Rachel Knight

In a bit of a change for me, (about time, I'm sick of listening to great music and talking only to myself,) I'm trying to get in touch with a Scottish lass who goes by the name of Kaye Brewster.

I discovered Kaye on a CD-Rom by the original, called "101 of the best songs you've never heard." She IS the Princess of Twee and she defined the genre. got shut down, sued into oblivion by the RIAA for no conceivable reason since they weren't owning any of the music or representing any of the indie artists that were originally on there.

Now is YARIAASUO (Yet Another RIAA Suck-up Outfit,) featuring music which has been produced by their methods. Its become an outlet for the disposable Gwen Stefani puppets of the elevator and shopping mall world.

I liked the way Kaye's voice sounds and what she did with it for my ears. I bought her self-produced albums and I liked them, though she's moved on quite a bit from twee since then.

Her music is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at and check out her info at

I Googled until I found her and emailed her but she still has to get back to me before this podcast epidode is produced.

But I imagine getting some ear-time, as opposed to air-time, may prompt her to wonder why her site access statistics are up and check her damn email.

C'm'on Kaye. I wanna interview you.

I'm also conducting a bit of an experiment on remote interviewing with a fellow MS person from across the pond.

I hate calling anyone with MS a victim or a sufferer or disabled or any of the other dread and dreary adjectives because I feel it doesn't describe the person, or the disease.

Rachel Knight, also known as "alternativekitten", has a blog ( ) and a vodcast (that's a video podcast for the two or three people who still don't know,) which is concerned only partly with MS because her life is not defined by MS. (We may be constrained with MS but we are definitely not defined by it.)

The vodcast can be found on iTunesMusicStore by searching the podcasts for sclerosis. You can then select her smiling face and subscribe to it.

She also records some things on dogs, (and I promise to help her on any French translation in the future, :-), on cats, on the universe and everything.

She also has a book (in print and on download,) which I have only just downloaded so you can just wait for a review.

We're thinking of setting up some form of collaboration for some media (vodcasts, possibly podcasts too) which could be created by MS people for consumption (read lucre) by anybody who wants to pay, we're not prejudiced, to benefit MS organizations. (I think that some compensation/incentivization would help get it off the ground and quickly raise the level of quality.) If we can, we'd set it up on both sides of the pond.

The music this week is by Kaye (a.k.a. Kaye Brewster, a.k.a. polopop) and by some of the links on her site to other artists she admires or considers her influences.

I'm now going to STFU and let you enjoy the music.

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