Thursday, July 06, 2006

msb-0032 Talk, Talk, Yackity, Yack...

msb-0032 Talk, Talk, Yackity, Yack.

Feedback comes first and I actually got some from some of the artists I've featured.

I played"Your Face is Not Enough" by the "three blind mice" on episode msb-0027 podcast (The links will all be on the show notes, folks.)

They sent me a nice message thanking me.

It turns out that they have an MS sufferer in their extended family in Lyndon's stepmother. She was diagnosed at the age of 36 and is now in her late 60s.

That makes me feel bad that they know someone but good they gave me some feedback. It turns out that I reached someone, indirectly but I reached someone none the less.

(Like when I turned the Detonators onto the PMN. They even got played on Adam Curry's Daily Source Code.)

But from you, my audience, there's a great silence.

I know the show appeals to some folks. The episodes are downloaded.

Good thing I'm playing music I actually want to listen to.

If I had do this off of a corporate playlist, approved by some soulless board of directors, it would really suck.


You may notice the new theme and background music on this episode.

I hope you do. But not too much.

Its not supposed to distract from the show or from the other music on the episodes.

Its from Guy David, an artist from Israel whose work I very much admire. I played him on msb-0015 The Domino Effect.

(Isn't the internet great? Before that I probably would never have been able to even hear from or about this fellow. Or the British, Russian or German music that I have featured on past episodes.

Before the internet and podcasting, I wouldn't have been able to run a podcast either. :-)

A link to his website is in the show notes. It will be in the show notes for as long as I use the music.

Maybe if I play his music some more, I can talk him into featuring a link from his page to my site and podcast.

He came up with it 'to order' and its is the first piece of music I have ever commissionned. I like it very much.

I think I'll order some more.


Let's not Talk About Sex. Salt 'n Peppa don't have to worry. They're not in here. I'm podsafe only. (Then again if they put something up on the podsafe music network, I'll be all over it.)

Okay, lets Talk About Sex.

Its everyone's favorite subject.

Specially with those who deny it.

Its supposed to be naughty or sumtin'.

Being French Canadian, I just can't see it. Sex is fun. Pure and simple. Its the most fun you can have for free.

Granted its supposed to be done in private, unless you're into that kind of thing, but its only been in this century that the kind of rabid, hipocritical puritanism took hold.

The Puritans were actually a lusty bunch.

Its only been something to be ashamed of since the rise of mass media. (Will H. Hays postmaster general under President Warren Gamaliel Harding and Joseph Breen, head of the Production Code Administration Office, have a lot to answer for.)

I must admit that some of my most downloaded episodes were the ones where I talked about sex. Well sex and relationships.

But why should I? Talk about sex, I mean. (C'mon folks, that's your cue. Talk to me. Odeo me. Skype me. Email me. The links are on

I promise I won't use it without your expressed permission. In writing.

Remember I like Harlan Ellison.

I'm not trying to rip anybody off.

Your feed back is confidential unless you say its okay.


The theme this episode is "Talk, Talk, Yackity, Yack..."

I'm trying to get an advertiser on board with the MSer market.

Of course they don't know about podcasting and are very leery.

They won't go into it until they know that this podcasting can deliver results.

On the other hand, I've got to reach more of you.

A whole lot more of you.

So I have to advertise too but without the advantages that podcasting would bring, a focused market.

So I'm hesitantly about to embark on a venture, with no guarantees of success.

Life has already thrown me a nasty curve ball that hit me smack in the spinal chord. What makes you think that I'd be so anxious to step up to the plate again?

Still, we're worth it soo...

I'm having to kearn a lot of stuff about advertising that I'll just put down as "grist for the mill".

One of the things I have already learned is that, while some agencies get it when it comes to podcasting, the decision making process takes place at a glacial pace.


Now, I figure that I've got some taste in music, and enough experience to know why somebody would opt out of the whole "music industry" business.

Its really hopeless to work for such a schizoid bunch.

"Make it sound different, but just the same as what's selling out there now."

That crap gets old fast.

I had an idea of featuring some music by "Indigo Swing" if I could get in touch with them.

Fuggedaboud it.

I can get the albums easily enough (and I own the albums, that you very much,) but getting in touch with the band has been a bear.

I think I've got an email address that will work now but, the internet d0esn't keep track of when something was last updated.


I figured I'd start small with some "public service announcements" about what's happening here in Northern New Jersey and New York.

Since this announcement is not sanctionned or or paid for by anobody, I 'd figure I'd promote an event I am likely to attend.

Actually, its about something I love, food. (I may be trim but I have MS to thank for my current lack of appetite.

I never actively think about eating and I'm able to keep my mouth shut around food but, believe me, it wasn't always that way.

I used to be a lot, uh, larger than my current weight. Lee is always accusing me of fading away to nothing because when she met me I used to be a lot, uh, more man to love. :-)

And while I may weigh less, I apreciate food more.

So we end with this:

Chefs for MS will be hosting their "Premiere Event, Featuring Sara Moulton as a Celebrity Guest and Honoree Chef"

The mistress of Ceremonies will be Super Model Emme.

Its happening on Monday, September 25, 2006.

Its being described as "A tasting event aboard the beautiful Cornucopia Majesty, sailing around the breathtaking views of Manhattan featuring the signature dishes of the area restaurants."

6:30 pm Boarding
7:00pm Sailing time, returning 10:00pm
12th Street Pier, Hoboken, NJ

General Admission - $100.00
Celebrity Champagne Reception - $225.00
(Including General Admission)

I know its a lot of money folks but it will be well worth it.

Maybe I can get a hold of her for a telephone interview as to why she's interested in doing this.

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