Thursday, July 20, 2006

msb-0036 Milestone, millstone. What's the difference?

msb-0036 Milestone, millstone. What's the difference?

Feedback come first so...

I passed a milestone and didn't even know it.

I'm up over 2000 downloads.


Sorry to be taking it so anticlimactically but that just means the next show is just a bigger responsability, to you all, all of you who have down loaded these 35 shows over two thousand times.

Many of you have downloaded more than one show, but I don't know who has, or how many people have been with me since day dot.

Send me an email at and tell me how many episodes you've downloaded.

Tell me about my "repeat visitors."

It would make a welcome change from the Vxiagrax and Rolex replica spam that usually fills my in-box.

Christ, that's annoying.

Over a hundred and thirty-five pieces of spam today.

I have MS not E.D.

So fuck your "VlzAGRA." My cell phone has the time so I neither need nor want a "replica Rolex." As for my believing anything about the stocks being touted in the "pump and dump" spam... I wasn't born yesterday.

Fuck the spammers, man. Follow the money. Put the hucksters out to pasture with million dollar fines. If the spammers have no customers, your mailbox will stay empty.


Okay, I know that my wife's PC accounts for thirty five of these downloads.

But she's got to doesn't she? ... I make her download every episode.

Then she critiques 'em. And, ouch, she doesn't pull any punches. :-/

Amusingly enough, I don't keep them on my systems.

Its enough that I put the episodes together.

I've heard it three or more times before it even gets uploaded.

(Okay, I admit I listen to 'em again on my iPod during the commute to or from work because I like 'em.)


I've also managed to get on

That's a real hooray for me because I've admired what Adam Curry's been trying to do, and succeding at, since I first encountered his "Daily Source Code" back in the middle of 2005. (Way back in Term Five of getting my now completed Business Degree at MCNY.)

No, I don't remember the exact episode. But its probably back before he started calling it "The Delta Sierra Charlie" :-) still has a few bugs in it Like Friday, July 21st, 2006, in the morning I tried to enter my show's "legend" and it just wouldn't take it.

Not Found
The requested URL /shows/show_bio.php was not found on this server.
Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) Server at Port 80

I'm sure the problem wil be worked out soon.

Its another venue where people can listen to me.


I'm still following Mr. Magno on his trek from Seattle to New York.

I hope the weather doesn't get too hot for him as he tries to make his way across the northern part of the United States.

Heat is the enemy of us MSers.

It increaces "noise on the line" and our nervous systems get all kinds of spurious effects, like effective weakness and spasticity.

Mr. Magno's going to carry a bumper sticker for

I think he should set up a Frapper map so that, whenever people see him, they can report on his progress.


I'm still planning on going to the Dinner Cruise from "Chefs For MS" on September 25th, 2006. I love good food.


The links are all on the show notes at and they're downloaded with each and every episode. Including from


This episode could be entitled "I Don't Have the Blues but I Play 'em, Part Deux!"

I could write something about the origins of the blues but its been done plenty of times before. I couldn't really add anything to what you can already find on the net.

Apart from the fact that I like 'em.


There was something in the Friday, July 14th, 2006 issue of the Wall Street Journal about the changing relationships between bands and the record companies, the artist-liberating effects of the internet and hints at the changing power structure that this is enabling.

Since the internet makes direct downloads of DRM music possible, straight from the self-promoted artists own recording studio to the end-consumer's computer and iPod.

Who needs to carry along the music industry? With all of its costs, inefficiencies insufficiancies, and other inadequacies.


In another issue of the Wall Street Journal here was something about "Sidewalk SUVs" a.k.a. mobility scooters.

The fact is that they're now being used by healthy people,
entirely to the detriment of those of us who actually need and would make use of them at theme parks and other area,
so that we're now faced with a long walk,
just becase some healthy person was inconsiderate enough to make off with something he doesn't need or deserve.

As far as I'm concerned, being a
  • lard-assed,
  • selfish,
  • thoughtless,
  • idiotic
  • oaf of a moron,
  • sitting on an
  • ever widening,
  • fat,
  • lazy,
  • zit covered
ass might make you repulsive enough to keep you from breeding any further but it still doesn't make you disabled.

Those are social handicaps, like bad breath, bed-wetting, or being unable to keep your goatee propely trimmed while you sprawl there like a beached whale in front of Mickeys Railroad tation.

I know you're not blind so which is it?

Are you that inconsiderate, selfish, uncaring, unfeeling, or are you just that plain stupid?

So get the fuck out of the chair you stoma and leave 'em for those what needs 'em.

And I've seen people park in handicapped spots right by the door at the mall because they're too fuckin' precious to walk from further back in the lot.

You tell me "Fuck you, gimpy" with a slap in the face. ...

Well good luck backing your land-boat out of the fuckin' spot.

If it doesn't have handicapped plates or a sticker, I'm gonna park right behind you.

If I box you in for an extra hour or two, I don't care.

I don't have this years latest model, in fact I don't own a car that I care about so ... wave "bye bye" to the shiny fenders on your "Escalade."

If a walk from the parking lot is enough to make you tired, maybe you should take that as a hint that you should perhaps seek evidently needed medical attention. "Conasse!"

Its sad, no make that its pathetic, that people who are so wrapped up in themselves are, in fact, running around in such shabby rags.


Well it seems I'm the one venting today.

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