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msb-0116 Spinning off into space.

msb-0116 Spinning off into space.


In order to get the word out about MS and about the products that can help alleviate living with MS, I am attempting to spin off as many versions of this podcast in as many linguistic or socio-cultural groupings as possible, while avoiding as many of the pitfalls brought about by the sheer demographic scarcity of the disease.

"Parlez vous Français?

Voudriez vous avoir un programme sur les expériences de quelq'un qui à la sclérose en plaque, dit en Français?

Malheureusement, il n'y a rien pour vous.

Il va vous faloir le créer.

C'est votre chance alors.

Joignez vous a et commencez en un

Envoyez moi un courriel á charles á (Cette offre est bonne en France et/ou au Québec) "

(speech courtesy of AT&T research [ ] Heck! Its better than mine. :-)

(See what you've started Homer? Now I'm trying spinning off with the French :-)
---- "Elevated Science" by: "Alex Brumel"

Feedback comes first, so...

I got some and it was good!

You should be hearing from Homer [ ]
in the near future.

The episode will be numbered msb-gr-0001. (It should be named the same way as an episode on his blog as well so this way you have text and links to refer to, both on and on his blog site...)

He'll be writing and speaking in Greek to and for the Greek MSers. (To be honest, giving him a mike and a channel to speak through is my way of "paying it forward" for the incredible fun and good fortune I've had since starting this podcast. Podcasting has been a great catharsis for me. :-)

It'll be "Scalpicin" time for the rest of us; you're going to be scratching your heads along with me. But you know what? That's okay... [Its not costing you anything to download the episodes.] :-)

---- "Rocket Science" by: "BRAIN BUCKIT"

Feed Forward comes next , so...

Here is something that you can ONLY get on the podcast:

[Jersey Todd News Flash - Bum Rush the Charts]

Basically it said that if you're sick and tired of DRMed music, where some faceless, unknown record company executive can sick the RIAA lawyers on your ass, and you don't even have to do anything wrong to get caught in their stupid sweeps, you can do something about it.

On March 22nd, 2007, you can go to the iTunes Music Store, buy the song "Mine Again" by the group "Black Lab". (If you've got iTunes, you can just click here. [Not yet, silly; wait until March 22nd!] [ ])

Black Lab is a band that wasn't profitable for the music industry.

You see, they would have had to promote them and, the way they've set up their budgets, that would have cost plenty.

So the band got dropped like a hot potato.


Merit didn't enter into it.


Actually, the AT&T demo was good enough to make me think that I might be able to replace my god awful speaking voice with it.

Its a long way from perfect; but then, so am I. ;-)

---- "Science Friction" by: "Jeff Rosiana"

Feed Me! come third, so...

Check out the stats and the map on my blog and on my podcast for the distribution of MSers "around the globe".

Maybe you "need" to see, like I finally did, how wide-spread MSers really are.

Wide spread, but there's a lot of us.

And we're reachable by this blog (amongst many others) and by this so far unique podcast.


Do you have a therapy, product, good or service that is of interest to MSers?

Consider advertising on this podcast.

Reminders on this segment only cost $0.03 per reminder per download of an episode. (A $30CPM targeted at MSers.)

It can/should lead to a full ad, in text, audio or video, which costs $3.00 per download.

That sounds expensive until you do the math and realize that if nobody downloads it it costs you nothing, unlike print, where you often can't even get an ad in to the specialized journals, or radio or TV where you'd just be wasting your money with the 0.0833% MSers rate of return. (That's about six times "below" the level of "statistical noise".)

But MSBPodcast is 100% in your market, and you only pay per download of your material.

No play, no pay.

Reach the MSers who would buy your therapy, product, good or service, with-out having to waste your advertising money on anyone who is "not" interested...

Send me an email at: charles (at)

---- "The Secrecy of Science" by: "Kalahari Surfers"

Main topic: Spinning off into space.

Like I said earlier, I'm trying to get the word out about MS and about the products that can help alleviate living with MS.

Now, because I sound "scary", (lets face it, I do sound scary; my voice is definitely sucks, my delivery sucks [I'm no "Sade Bederinwa "on Channel 7 News, looking good while reading words off a tele-prompter,] and unless you're able to get past that and get into what I write about, you have to be pretty uh, special to enjoy the 'cast,) I am attempting to spin off as many versions of this podcast in as many linguistic-socio-cultural groupings as possible while avoiding as many of the pitfalls brought about by the sheer demographic scarcity of the disease.

The pitfalls are avoided by the world-wide medium of podcasting.

Its laser focused because it "can" be.

So what am I doing here anyway?

I'm giving MSers all over the globe, regardless of what language they speak, the ability to reach out to other MSers who speak their language.

Coming from a multicultural, multi-linguistic Québecois background as I do, I am intimately aware of the needs that others have.

Now, I am willing, but more importantly I am able, to offer the benefits of podcasting to the people who need it.

Blogs are not everybody's cup of tea.

You have to be visually un-impaired.

You have to be literate enough to write well. Not everybody is. (We can all read well-written prose but its something else to be able to generate this prose. Its been said that everybody has a book in them. For most people, that's where it'll stay.

[MDMHvonPA is someone who is a good, engaging, sometimes funny writer. He is rare. Words come painlessly to him and he doesn't just sit on the keyboard hoarding his own thoughts. That's why he is the nexus of the Hautpertonian MS Cabal.])

You have to still be healthy enough to do this, meaning that you're doing this because you can, not because you have to.

You need another source of income, because nobody gets rich off off of podcasting, specially with a very limited audience of other MSers. (Though if you can make another more general podcast using the same equipment, all the better for you. Pay it forward should become your byword.)

You need to speak with passion, not from desperation.

You have to be modern enough in thought to be able to let your ideas ride down a laser beam.

Not to mention, the advertisers of products goods and services that make living with MS better, need that laser beam's focus too.

Broadcasters, mass marketers and advertising firms would rather sell dog food than carry an ad for an MS specific good, service or therapy. Its such a small niche market.

Well we're not trying to get obscenely rich or to make something that nobody can possibly live without (or die from, like cigarettes or trans-fatty foods.)

We are focused on MSers and their needs.

---- "Science vs Romance" by: "Rilo Kiley"

Main topic: part "Deux"

So how do "you" get in on the podcasting action?

Well, English has to be your "second" language. (You cant have English, [that me!] And you can't have Greek, [Homer's got that one locked already, dudes.])

I'll play the host and put up your stuff for free on

You should be blogging already and all you need to do is name the episodes of your blog msb-[international country code]-#### [episode title].

The podcasts will be called the same when you post them up them.

You have complete control over the content.

You also have complete responsibility.

So ...
  • no slander,
  • no libel, (better to condemn some people to silence than to waste breath damning them,)
  • no naming names, unless its for praise,
  • no attacks,
  • no music that is not podsafe.
Always give credits and references. (Its better to be considered well read than to be considered a plagiarist.)

Apart from that, go wild.

Its the internet.

If you get ads on your 'cast, (good freakin' luck. I've been trying for over a year and so far... Zip! Nada! Nothing! Bupkis! I've been doing this for love. [*cough* *chough*]) the revenue goes through Inc. and it then goes back out to you.

Its easy to know what the distribution might be.

You'll get the advertisers to put up stuff in your own language.


So what do you need to do it?

A computer, natch.

What are you reading with or listening to? Right.

You obviously already have the basic equipment.

A quality microphone is good, but if you don't already have one, I can help with that, and with podcasting software.

What about you personally?

You have to be opinionated.

It helps if you're not alone and can occasionally talk with your significant other on the show.

I'll help you with some hints about podcasting, pay for books about podcasting, and how to avoid the dreaded podfading that comes to every show if you're not careful and if you don't know Rule 7.

(Rule 7 is "Never finish talking."

leave yourself things to talk about next time.

This way you can start blogging immediately about whatever topic you didn't finish on the show. (I've already almost finished writing msb-0117 and started on msb-0118.)

The show never ends.

You just cut it up into episodes and into topics because of the show schedule.)


I'm giving all MSers podcatch access and some MSers podcast access.

I'll be occasionally be giving away podcatching devices like an iPod.

I'll also occasionally be giving away podcasting equipment, if you need it.

Am I fantastic? No I'm not.

Am I shrewd and conniving? No I'm not.

Am I someone who believes in what we can accomplish if we're given the opportunity and "carpe diem?" Guilty as charged.

---- "Science" by: "Stalling Dawn"

I've just looked at my map again.

Dang, you guys are really spread out.

So all to my visitors from, uh, elsewhere ... like Dirty Harry said:

"Do You Feel Lucky? Well Do You, Punk?"


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