Monday, September 17, 2007

msb-0201 Where do I live again?

msb-0201 Where do I live again?


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[whistling wind] None... Well except for exchanging banter on my blog with MDMHvonPA an' Miss Chris.

---- "Party Down the Hall" by: "The Stone Coyotes"

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---- "Desperate Times" by: "The Stone Coyotes"

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---- "Blue Mountain" by: "The Stone Coyotes"


As I start the third century of these podcasts I am reflecting on what a long strange trip its been.

I started just full of anger about ... something, probably this disease, maybe my stalled software career.

Full of piss and vinegar, I was.

Then I sort of settled into my podcasts.

I changed them and they changed me.

But it gave me some focus outside of myself. (The view is always better when its of something other than your own navel.)

I got back into media in a major way, gave a great deal of thought to the thunderbolt of inspiration that struck me as I was sitting in front of the Manhattan Campus of Metropolitan College of New York, and ... everything changed.

---- "Peace of Mind" by: "The Stone Coyotes"


There are lots of reasons why my attitude changed and if I was still a depressive, introspective moody li'l critter with a sour outlook on life and lots of self imposed time on my hands, I might invest the time and money analyzing myself and get into long-winded low-level listless rants about it all.

But life is for living, even if you got dealt a shit hand and it looks like every body else has always got dealt straight flushes.

Fuck 'em. I'm having fun anyway.

When they write my epitaph it won't take long.

It will consist of a single character: "!"

---- "Fire It Up" by: "The Stone Coyotes"


Podcasting has changed my outlook on life, and that's a good thing.

My wife might complain about my having my iPod on my hip and my ear buds in all the time but she would jam them in herself if I threatened to give up podcasting. (She also likes my music selections, [mostly] :-)

Now where do I live again?

Oh...yeah... Noo Yo'k.

---- "Back to New York" by: "The Stone Coyotes"

The music this episode came from "The Stone Coyotes" ( and that has to be the best rock I've heard in quite some time. Reminiscent of the Stones from

You can find them at [ ] and buy their music.

Support the band and keep the music flowing.



Miss Chris said...

You? Full of piss and vinegar? I can't imagine... LOL

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Yes, I must confess that I would have made a lousy salad dressing even then. :-)