Monday, September 22, 2008

msb-0339 Making an Example

msb-0339 Making an example.

I'm dispensing with the show B.S. because msb is on hiatus.

I am enjoying the economic news like nobody's business. Its all melting down; nothing is worth a damn; banks have stopped lending money; the consumers and firms have seen their assets shrink to bankruptcy levels and the economy is a game of dominoes.

The government is nationalizing Fanny and Freddy and Lehman, and AIG. And the leftists are screwed (or the US tax payers.)

The economic malaise can be described as privatizing gain and socializing loss. And everybody knows it. The policies which led us into this debacle are the result of optimism in flying in the face of reality.

Greed unfettered always get into the same shit by constantly and relentlessly pushing the outside edge of the envelope. Always.

Its just human nature.

Capitalism, for its own good, is always trying to get beyond its own good. The crisis on Wall Street and Paternoster Square in London and Frankfurt am Main in Germany, and ... and ...

That the socialists get the reins of power for a while and, after a period of deep caca where they manage to piss off everybody, the reins of power get loosened enough to start the whole mess over again.

It always happens.

And when it is not allowed to happen, empires crumble.

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I so totally missed that you were shutting msb down for a while. I've been a little occupied with writing for Health Central and keeping up with almost daily blogging, and with teaching, and with maintaining relationships. You know, all the regular things.

I'm glad to hear that you are in school, sorry for the lack of internships, and especially frustrated with the financial mess.

I still had the dream of buying a house one day (was waiting for prices to drop even further in my area) but now may not be able to get the credit necessary. ugh.

Well, I hope that classes go well and that you are doing well.