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This is episode 41

I started my internship at WFMU on monday manning the community desk for "The Media Squat" With Douglas Rushkoff.

It was fun but one of the pieces of software is absolutely in major need of some software QA and possibly a UI rewrite.

Darn thing kept losing focus as I was trying to type and throwing all key keystrokes into a bit bucket without giving me any auditory feedback.

And that's my professional opinion as a software developer, team leader, project manager and QA analyst.


Prince of Pizza

Portions of today's programming are underwritten by

Prince of Pizza
763 Bergen Avenue in
Jersey City
ph: 201-434-9453

Pizza, Hot food, Salads, Wings, Heroes, Panini and Cold Beverages.

Prince of Pizza, serving St. Peter's College and Jersey City for more than 40 years.


I love Squirrel Nut Zippers so we're going to hear something from the album "Hot".

The tune is called "Memphis Exorcism" and I'll be playing it under the great news I want to share with all of you.

"Memphis Exorcism" by "Squirrel Nut Zippers"

- -

I even got my own sponsor now (It only took me three years , eh? :-)

Todd Wallbridge of TM Designs has started a website called [ ] for promoting and selling art by artists who have MS, and T-Shirts of course.

By purchasing a shirt you will help support an MS artist and a donation is made to NMSS to further research into finding a cure.

The shirts are good quality cotton material and the print on them is really durable. Well worth it.

I'll get into more descriptions but they're on the site (just click now if you're listening in m4a format and it will launch your web browser to [ which is actually a repeater to ]

On behalf of MSers, I want to tank Todd for his support.

"" by ""


We got PSAs:




Here's a couple of proper, honest to goodness, real promos. :-)




This is going to be a short show because I got a class right after.

Now "Adelante La Musica"


This episode featured the following music:

"Memphis Exorcism" by "Squirrel Nut Zippers" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira

"Scheherazade, Opus 35 (The Kalender Prince)" by "Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira

"Salome (Dance of the Seven Veils)" by: "Richard Strauss" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira

"Symfoni nr 6 i h-moll, Pathetique" by: "Peter Tjajkovskij" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira

"Pianosonat i b-moll )" by: "Frédéric Chopin" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp with your host Charles Rovira


The show notes, incuding the complete text of this episode, and any and all links to the artists featured, are on a server ... somewhere.

And this show is also being podcast in m4a format, which means that it you use a compatible player, like iTunes, you get the content divided up into chapters with images and "hot links" to the the web, on the topic of the chapter or to accompany the music.

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