Friday, September 15, 2006

msb-0070 Wine whine.

msb-0070 Wine whine.

Feedback come first so...

I've actually got some.

First to the people who have spammed me about paedophiles on

Its not that I don't care. I do care.

But I rather have one source out there which can catch them all and round 'em all up for, uh, "re-reducation."

Unlike Bush's approach to "The War On Terror" which cause Al-Queda to metastasize out of Afghanistan, to Pakistan, to Malaysia, to Iraq, to Spain, to France, to England, and beyond.

He had a chance to let them fail all at once in Afghanistan [they were demanding food and it was falling on deaf ears,] and instead he attacked them and make martyrs out of ben Laden and the rest of them.

What an ignorant simp. A real semi-simian. His knowledge of how to handle international relations would fit on a 3x5 card and it would include exactly the wrong advice.

Oh happy me. Being somebody's tech-support. :-)

[climbs down from soabox]

I'm helping (well trying to help) some of you to get iTunes and to download the episodes.

No Michelle, you don't need an iPod.

Its so much easier to use RSS and downloading with iTunes, or another podcatcher, than trying to listen to these live.

Specially if you don't have a good broad band connection.


"Veni, vidi, vinci" blogs.

I'm finally getting into blogging and reading other people's blogs ... Social networking ... What a concept ...

I'm really getting into this; I started with reading Ms. Chris's site, and it has pointed me to other blogs by or about MSers.

One of these was from someone who goes by the handle mdmhvonpa.

He's from Pennsyltucky.

I love the definition I found in the Urban Dictionary: (

"A state in which it is considered 'gauche' to marry outside your immediate family.

You are required to own at least two off-road vehicles and if you have a firm grasp of the English language you are considered a homosexual.

Non-whites are severely frowned upon as are people with their own identity, thoughts and more than three books in their home...unless those books include Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck if..." or "Guns and Ammo" or any book pertaining to incestuous relationship with your daughter.

This state is known for it's infamously archaic infrastructure, most notably it's highways and byways.

It's chief exports include 'Yeungleung' beer, coal and tarts with floppy breasts and flabby white legs who dance in G0-Go bars in NY and NJ and who compete visciously with the Russian and Brazilian girls for that 'almighty dollar'.

One final note on 'Pennsyltucky': it might be said that the mullet is alive and well in this godforsaken state.

'I went to Pennsyltucky this weekend to play a little golf and nearly got run off the road by some mullet wearing neanderthal and his sister/wife.' "

Now, you just know I'd going to do a show on Appalachian music soon.

If only I could find some effin' music and some jug band music, it would be perfect. Gotta seach the PMN with a fine tooth comb. (An appliance about as likely to be found in them there parts as a to-oo-oth brush.)

I've read every book he's got on his list of favorite books. (But I'm such a print-o-holic that I could say that about almost everybody.)

I've seen every movie on his list too. He's a media soul mate. :-)


I've also been communicating with a few other people.

This blogging is great.

Its all asynchronous so you have time to compose an intelligent reply instead of blathering piffle and waffle.

(Hmm ... Sounds like my show... Well it can be entertaining piffle and waffle. :-)

Drop me an email at charles at and tell me where your blog is.


But today, in keeping with the theme of libations, its about whine, uh wine.

Wine came before beer by at least 2,500 years.

Beer didn't come into its own until the development of agriculture and the cultivation and processing of grains, about 6,000 years ago.

Wine may even have led to the development of agriculture!

Since fruits and berries were part of every diet since earlest hunter/gatherer stages of human development (not evolution but development :-), it stands to reason that it came first.

Heck, you don't even have to be human to enjoy a tipple.

I've heard of bears getting absolutely sloshed on berries at the absolute tail end of the growing season. (The thought of facing a bear with a hang-over is something I don't want to even contemplate. Though it would exlain why they run off if you make loud clanging noises at them. :-)

Wine is basically crushed grapes and its all white.

There are lots of varieties of grapes, lots of colors of grapes, but if they are peeled they all make white whine, uh, wine.

Wine becomes red when its combined with red grape peel and left to ferment.

A wine's color is called its robe. After several bottles you begin to disrobe.

All wines have a nose. Well, actually its your nose; and you shove it into the glass twice. Once when the wine has just been poured and once again when its been swirled around in your glass.

Then wines have a body. (Its usually hiding under its robe.)

Wines have a start, which you taste at the front of your mouth. It usually sounds like you're slurping your supper off the dining room table and you can't do it too loud 'cause is would upset the other people in the psych ward. And you definitely don't want to get the staff to notice you either. They've got hipodermics and wooden clubs and they know how to use them.

Wines have a palate, which you taste in the middle of your mouth. It usually sounds like you've just been told that you're eating rat's ass-hole but that's okay because it really spicy and really really hot.

Wines have a finish, which you taste at the back of your mouth. It usually sounds like you've managed to get rid of most of the rat and you're looking up at the ceiling, gargling to wash the taste uut of your mouth while trying to keep it shut, so the spiders you've just noticed crawling on the ceiling, don't fall in.

Then you've got the age old decision to make.

Do you spit, and risk hurting his feelings or do you swallow, and make a new friend for life.

Although there's no way to be genteel about spitting, if you've been swallowing the vinters' guff all evening, you may find yourself either sitting there slack-jawed and just letting it drool out, or laughing like an idiot and then it gushes out your nose.

Wine tasting is not for amateurs.

There's all kinds of tricks with the ripeness of the grapes.

Sauterne wine is made from grapes that have over ripened and have a much higher sugar content that the same grape when picked at its normal gathering ripeness. (I'm thinking of the bears again; drunk off their asses on what amounts to Sauterne. :-)


Oh Joy, Hosana du plus haut des cieux, Angels are weeping with joy. Halleluyah and hoo-fuckin'-ray!

I have managed to finally track down, find and buy a copy of "Eefin-Nanny Down Home" by Billy Hutch his harmonica and orchestra.

This is possibly the most influential album you've *never* heard. At its heart is the quintessential, definitive root sound underlying ALL of American music. Its reverberation can be felt even to this day.

I had a copy of this album, along with all kinds of gems of delta blues (Mississippi Fred Macdowell, Mississippi John Hurt, Robert Johnson,) early proto-punk music, (Albums like "Moonquake." Music from bands like "Rhinoceros," "Big Brother and the Holding Company," "Echo and the Bunnymen") and about a hundred more. All of it primo choice.

Unfortunately my mother not realizing their inestimable value to music history (or perhaps in an attempt to rid of her son of his obsession with music in all of its forms,) just threw them away when in one fell swoop.

Haaa! I was dumb struck and heart broken when I discovered. I came home from school one day and my crates were gone. Just ... gone.

I've never quite forgiven her for that shock. It was like Maxwell's demon had taken all the air from my bedroom and my lungs were sucking in sulphurous fumes instead.

< sigh >

To inject a little levity (instead of Rebif or Copaxone or whatever your poison might be,) I got in touch with Alex Whitmore and he got back to me PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick) giving me permission to play the following song.



Miss Chris said...

Beer and wine are both good but I'm more of a margarita girl myself. Tequila must be my magic elixer!

mdmhvonpa said...

Oh Crap ... someone actually looked up Pennsyltucky! Bwa-ha-ha-haaa....

Miss Chris said...

Hey, thanks for all the valuable info you left on my site! It's much appreciated.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

The internet is a wonderful thing if you have time to wade through all of the crap.

Having someone who's gone through it all already can save you so much time. (See, us old geysers shouldn't be taken out and shot just yet. :-)

Tonight I'm going to Chefs for MS.

But since I'm changing the format for the show (and slowing down my speaking rate and spending more time in post production and being more professional and more serious about it*) you're probably not going to be able to catch my dulcet tones until the week-end.

*) I got some really good feedback.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and thanks for the info also...

I'm a novice at podcasts but blogging is well worth time...