Tuesday, September 05, 2006

msb-0067 "He not busy being born is busy dying"

msb-0067 "He not busy being born is busy dying"

Bob Dylan wrote some words that kind of got into my mind.

I was only twelve but they have stuck with me all these years.

If my mother had her 'drudders, she'd 'drudder I wouldn't have MS.

Actually, I'm pretty sure she'd 'drudder a lot of things but ... shit happened.

Shit like:
  • her bout of pleuresy
  • the Great Depression of the thirties,
  • the second world war,
  • the Korean war,
  • Cyprus, where Canadians wore UN blue targets, uh, hemets,
  • my first "unofficial" MS episode in the early sixties,
  • my first "official" MS episode in the late seventies,
  • my second MS episode in the mid nineties,
  • her own small strokes, which have left her in a home with short term memory impaired,
  • the attack, in 2001, on the World Trade Center, which could have killed me and still ruined my life for about a year,
  • and the attack on Israel, though the Lebanese would say that they were attacked instead.
I hear a reverbration of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start The Fire" bouncing around in the back of my head.

Life is made up of the shit that we get smeared with.

Sometime we can just wash it off and sometimes we friggin' drown in it.


Feedback before I go any further:

There are no more videos until I can check out some more things about permissions, feedback to artists and the like.

I'm sending messages to Adam Curry about Democracy. It seems like the PMN (Podsafe Music Network) would benefit from and could be an asset for the guys at Participatory Culture.

For all the useful info on ScreenCastOnline, I'm giving a BIG SHOUT OUT to Don McAllister and ScreenCastsOnline [ http://screencastsonline.com/sco/ ].

Hello Miss Chris. Hope you're hangin' in there.

Hello Carlo Magno. Stay healthy and get back on the road according to your schedule. I don't know how it will be to travel with Jerry Caldwell aka Binky, the World Famous Clown. I hope he is a real good friend. Traveling on the road is sometimes a lonely trek, but sometimes you want it to be.

I'm still looking forward to going to Chefs For MS.


I'm finally reading doctor Code's book "Who's in Control of your Multiple Sclerosis?"
(ISBN: 0-9737918-0-2) and I must say its already teaching me things and confirming some things I'd sort of figured out for myself.

This book is thin, 223 pages, but dense.

Yesterday, Lee brought home "Twelve Sharp", the latest Stephany Plum novel by Janet Evanovich (ISBN: 0-312-34948-3) and I read it in a single sitting.

Its partly Evanovich's fault. She's an engaging writer and Stephany Plum is a great character.

But I was able to read the 310 pages of the novel at my own pace rather than the creep I am having to read the good doctor's book at.

Its got so much information in it and I'm constantly looking things up on the web because there are resources out there I never knew existed or hadn't appreciated properly.

I can tell you that this book is a lot better than repeatedly wasting time watching Dr. Phil waiting for information on MS.

I like the fact that he places importance on social relationships in recovering your sense of self-esteem and affirming your self-worth.

Which I must confess I didn't, until I thought about it and realized that this entire podcasting venture is a great way for me to build a social network and to communicate with you.

I am defining my life in this podcast and its keeping me going.

I just wish more of you sent me an email or Odeo'd me or took my survey or got onto my Frapper map. Find it all at MSBPodcast.com

He's confirmed some things that Lee, my wife, had thought about Omega-3 oils.


Speaking of Lee, now I'm on a cod liver oil regimen, enforced by "she who must be obeyed"

I'm a very happy, very well fed, very married man and my wife is a diva, nay, a godess in the kitchen.

I not only know which side my bead is buttered on, but also how its made and by who. Its great.

We stay away from all kinds of processed crap. It might cost a bit more but our health is worth it.


Actually, its something that doesn't really make sense, does it?

I have to pay more to have them just leave our food alone, than if I let them have their way and then they, the agri-businesses,
  • truck it to a factory,
  • mush it all down,
  • do all kinds of expensive processes
  • with all kinds of expensive processors,
  • some of which involve treating it with stuff we are now going to sue them for,
  • like trans-fats and
  • hydrogenated oils and
  • high-fructose corn syrup, and then
  • box it all up and
  • truck it back to some store with all the ambiance of a food morgue,
rather than some corner grocer with the ambiance of a boudoir where foodie porn is being filmed.

Something is very wrong here.


Why does milk, which is fine for lactose tolerant kids, less so for adults because they no longer need it, [why does milk] cost more than an equivalent volume of cola?

Why are we willing to pay a buck for 12" of water when its free from the tap?

Why are we willing to eat crap when we could be eating stuff that tastes better and isn 't at the center of debates on obesity, diabetes and other diseases that affect our digestive tract from one end to another, from the teeth to the ass-hole.

Basically, we're eating ourselves into an early grave and making ourselves ill doing it.

I know, lets find out what the agri-business parents are feeding their kids and buy that.

I sure as shit doubt its the crap they make and sell.


There are no more videos until I can check out some more things about permissions, feedback to artists and the like.

For all the useful info on ScreenCastOnline, I'm giving a big SHOUT out to Don McAllister and ScreenCastsOnline [ http://screencastsonline.com/sco/ ].


P.S. I know what day it is.

Its the fifth anniversary of 9/11... I was a personal witness to that little bit of Arab street theatre.

But I don't wanna to celebrate it and I definitely don't want Bush wrapping himself in our tragedy.

He's in New York City, tying up traffic, and he's not welcome.

I was attending an MS function and he managed to screw us all over from one end of Manhattan to midtown.

After an excellent presentation on using stem cells by a Canadian doctor, something else Bush doesn't believe in, like global warming or pollution, Dr Herbert's presentation was cut short because the traffic was being brought to a standstill by all of Bush's security.

Let him stay away, go and read something about sex with a goat to a bunch of Texan kiddie gardners, rather than trying to screw the rest of us, and shut his lying cake hole.

It ain't working Bush. Nobody buys it anymore.

I suspect that your family's political heritage is going to be that they will be exempt from any elected office for at least the next century. Until the globe cools down again.

It'd be easier to take if he was being genuinely hipocritical but I suspect that he's just flummoxed by our refusal to fall for his inconsistency and his outright lies.


Miss Chris said...

Hi there,
I guess I'm in a bit of a 9/11 funk today. I wrote a tribute to a victim of the attacks (it's posted on my blog) and I feel enormous sadness for her. She was not anyone I knew personally but, after the research I did on her, I feel a connection. I guess I have a heavy heart today. Stop by my blog and read about Debbie. I think she was a really neat lady.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Hello Miss Chris,

I'm heading to your blog ASAP to read what you said.

9/11 is a heavy date for me too.

Thank you.

Miss Chris said...

I got chills when I read your comments on my blog about Debbie and your 9/11 near miss. How fortunate you were, and such a tragedy for all those you knew. I'm truly sorry for them and for you to have to have gone through that.
On another subject, I'm freaking out about my Copaxone. I wrote about it today. Any comments you have regarding it would be helpful. I think more people are having this happen and I feel like I wasn't given proper info. about it from the beginning. Please read and comment. I could really use it! Thanks in advance!