Thursday, December 21, 2006

msb-0097 X-Mas Filler 03

msb-0097 X-Mas Filler 03

Feedback comes first so...

There an MSer out there with as wicked a sense of humor as I got. (Yeah, "come down from outer space and molest your cattle" is a great line; specially with my attempt at an earnest delivery. I can't believe I came up with it.)

While I am still waiting for your emails, and pining to get home before I send some replies, I can report that my audience seems to have grown a bit and that my old episodes are being accessed. People are picking up the old shows. Kewl.

(Its always a bit weird to see that. I just hope I didn't embarrass myself too badly on some old episode. :-)

On the employment front, maybe the original client department is through with me but some other department within the same umbrella wants to see/meet me. (That's a big hooray!)

I am cautiously optimistic.

This episode, the theme is Blue, but I'm not... :-)

msb-0097 X-Mas Filler 03

Theme and 'incidental music' from:
by: "Guy David",
no album,
via personal contract

Song list:

"Green Roots Blues"
by: "Alex Lehrhoff"
album: "none"

"Mixing all the Blues"
by: "Angry Red Planet"
album: "none"

"Dark Blue"
by: "Allison Crowe"
album: "none"

"Blue Fog"
by: "Jen Elliott and Bluestruck"
album: "none"

"Ocean of blue"
by: "Marie Crehan"
album: "none"

"Chelsea's Blues"
by: "Pat Zelenka"
album: "none"

"I'm A Blues Man"
by: "Smokehouse Ramblers"
album: "Can't Get Used To It"


Photo Credits:

All images, synchronized with the songs, are of the artists and come via except when they aren't. :-) Those come from Google.





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Miss Chris said...

Hi there Charles! I'm finally back from my little Christmas break. Hope you had a nice holiday.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Hello Miss Chris,

I hope you enjoyed your break and that it was filed with pleasant things for you and yours.

I am still having my holiday, in part because of the fragility of the hub and spoke transportation system adopted by the airline industry.

A couple of severe storms blow through north Texas and, like sand thrown in some increasingly complex gear works with finer and finer tolerances, transportation is halted for days there, and in all incoming and outgoing feeder hubs.

In my case I can't fly today because a storm yesterday prevented the airframes from reaching the ground at the airport.

I will be able to fly tomorrow, but by a different route because the system won't have re-acquired equilibrium by then.

If I had to be somewhere, and if it wasn't the week-end, I would be plenty pissed.

As it is, I'm going to be a trifle grumpier Monday Morning when I have to get back in touch with my job (Yay! I still got one [runs around like a demented Fozzie Bear on crack.] :-) and see what's happening.