Monday, December 11, 2006

msb-0092 Uh, I won... Holy crap I won!

msb-0092 Uh, I won... Holy crap ... I won!

Feedback comes first so...

Thank you Miss Chris for your sentiments on the last episode: "msb-0091 Serious Sirius Christmas Fantasy". (Go to the blog and read the comments if you want to know. But, yah! I am da man! :-)

Brain Cheese seems to be under the weather, as does Friday's Child, or at least her partner, so go over and drop them a note of encouragement.

MDMHvonPA will shortly be regaling us with his roundup of the blog-o-sphere.

I gotta tell ya, it takes me a long time to record those because I'm always cracking up at some point or other.

The expressions and "tour de phrase" he uses are priceless. Sometimes I'm trying to read his stuff for the tenth time, and I'm still guffawing.


Onto other news:

The "Your big break! Be a Sirius DJ For a Day - For Charity" contest didn't quite turn out the way my life usually does.

Uh, I won... I won! I won? :-)

I'm still waiting on Mark Yashimoto Nemcoff to get in touch with me regarding the money (My credit card paymentwon't go through? Should I send a cheque?)

I'm also hoping to get an MP3 that I can actually use from "Don Lafontaine" (The man who's done all those "In a world where ..." movie, tv shows, tv ads (Geico is the most memorable one,) and radio promos. [ ] :-)

"In a world where disability strikes 10 per cent of the population,
only one man has the guts to take on the powers that be,
and raise his voice in a challenge to media demagoguery
and the tyranny of the mass market.

That man is Charles Rovira and he can be heard at
That would be "sweet". (I'm also dying to find out what is that mike is that he uses [the picture is on his site] :-)

But I'm going to "Be a Sirius DJ For a Day" this January. Yay!

Sirius have about 6 million listeners.

After doing some math, like who's listening at specifically that time, I figure that works out to maybe 50 MSers who might catch the show, maybe. Maybe I'll be able to pick some of those up.

(Then again, who knows if there might be some potential advertisers listening.)

We'll see if I actually reach some new MSers with this show.

Woo, hoo...


I'm also commissioning a cartoon figure of "Ixy" walking around with a red cane.

"Ixy" will be my stand-in. Complete with my red cane.

I figure it's got to be more appealing, representing us coping with MS, than "Larry the Lesion" representing the disease of MS. (Google for "Larry the Lesion" and you'll get to "Mandatory Rest Period" [], Tod and Kim Maffin's more medically oriented MS web site and podcast.)

Tod and Kim Maffin tread where I don't want to go. Mostly because I'm am "not" qualified.

What I "am" qualified to do for us MSers is to listen to any and all of us and to put out some entertaining shows, while opening the door to information we do need.


Here are some facts about me:

My IQ is in the 150s (Sure, sure. So why do I feel so stoo-pud. :-)

My cholesterol is in the 160s.

My weight is in the 170s.

My height is a meter, 80. (okay, okay. I may be, uh, stretch-ing, it a bit. :-)

And my health, in general, is excellent.

Apart from the sclera affecting my motion, I'm in the absolute pink of health.

So why do I live with a constant, nagging sense of dread?

Why do I keep expecting to hear the other shoe drop?

Its part and parcel of being a realist, I guess.

I always remember that "In to every life a little rain must fall" and, just like buying mutual funds where "past performance is no indication of the future", I have been hit by a shit load of, uh, shit loads.

But that doesn't mean that I'm suddenly due for a turn around.

Life doesn't work that way.

Only Goofie, down at the entrance to "Disney World", sings "Oh, the world owes me a living..." and only a two dimensional cartoon character could possibly believe it.

Lets look at the economics of the situation with a sense of social as well as fiscal responsibility.

According to the W.H.O., the World Health Organization, 10% of the world is disabled. ( (I'm quoting some real world facts so you don't think I'm just pulling numbers of of my ass.)

That's about 600 million people, six hun-dred mill-ion people, of all ages, sexes, races and cultures. (That's twice the population of these United States.)

Right now, we're ignoring that ten percent of the world, for their consumption, and still paying out ginormous sums in health care, which is:

  • health insurance, (companies which make sure that they don't pay out because that impacts on their bottom line,) and
  • health care providers (also companies which make sure that they don't pay out in drugs and services, because that impacts on their bottom line.)
Meanwhile we, the health care users, are getting the short end of the stick because we're immediately suspected of malingering, and then, to add insult to injury, we are prevented from contributing except as guinea pigs.

That is so stupid, short sighted and wasteful (and I hate wastefulness. I regard it as a personal offense to my sense of parsimony.)

To combat this attitude, I am running this podcast.

It can be a boon for the drug companies and the other paraphernelia and service companies.

But, it can be an even bigger boon to us MSers. We can find out what is out there for us.


I went into a kind of denial after my recoveries from my two first episodes...

I lived in blissful ignorance of MS for almost 15 years after my first undiagnosed episode, and then for another 15 years until I had a third relapse and had to learn to cope with walking with a cane, and by then denial was "not" an option.

And the mass media was an unwitting co-conspirator in my eventual disability.

There were no media outlets for information about the disease and the treatments that could have abated it.

It was "far" too easy for me to bury my head in the sand.

If there had been a show like this, one where I could tune into and they weren't depressing my ass off with jargon and terminology, I might have taken better care, appropriate care, and I might have prevented my having to use a cane to "schlep" around, slowly.

What made me attractive to my employers over the years, my brains and my ability to use them, are now hampered by what has happened to my body, and to my central nervous system.
(And once you fall off the radar ... well, you've fallen off the radar, haven't you.)

But I'm no less intelligent (and neither are all the other MSers I've encountered in the blog-o-sphere.)

But human beings rather waste what doesn't fit in, wouldn't we, rather than just "listen" to any ideas from those who no longer fit in.

Well this is "that" show, and hopefully the first of many, where the square pegs start, not just moaning and groaning, bitching and whining but start to contribute to the wider discussion about what can be done about us (beyond Hitler's "final solution",) with us and for us.

10% of this country is not making it and 5% of this country can only make it part of the way, part of the time, because the rest of us, the 85% of this country that are not currently disabled, are not asking what we 10%ers, and what we MSers, 'can' contribute.

We have brains and we have experience and we are 'not' being consulted.

We are rarely seen and we are treated like shit because this country has never known what the Hell to do with anybody who is 'other.'

Yes, we are 'other.'

Stop being scared of our differences.

We aren't Martians.

We won't come down from outer space to molest your cattle.

We aren't a drag on the economy, unless your economy isn't being 'realistic'.

This show is about injecting a little reality into all our lives.

And I'm not going to sit here and preach to the choir.

I'm trying to use the internet and this podcast to promote some efficiency into the commercial reality of our existence.

That's what winning this promo spot means to me.

I have a model, and like all models, it being honed and refined through what I experience.

Its a model of communications in the internet age, far from the tyranny of the numbers; the concept of "the hit show" being shoved down our thoats, when its just a reduction of a whole bunch of focus groups.

Its a way for MSers to take their place and their opportunity to get the information we need out here.


mdmhvonpa said...

Well now! We are going to have a new Celeb amongst our ranks! Watch that hit-counter burn up.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

You noticed the hit counters eh? :-)

"From your mouth to God's ear" is a saying I wish applied.

Realistically, I figure I'll have wasted the money (well, except that it is for a worthy charity and the statistics still apply. Maybe one of the kids saved through a transplant has or will develop MS,) and I won't reach any more of us than I currently am.

Actually, the show isn't about MS but it is about the de facto willful ignorance because we focused our media by narrowing our sights until we stop seeing what's not under the lens.

But if I can persuade just one advertiser, say one MS drug company advertising exec, or one MS Clinic administrator, or one MS product manufacturer, of the potential of using the internet to reach us and keep us, in the advertising model I truly believe in, then it'll be one huge fringe benefit.

Miss Chris said...

MDMHVONPA's right...can I have your autograph...:)_

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Bwahahaha. ≤evil rapturous grin; complete with demoniacal voice>

So you're all falling under the spell of my evil media empire.


Seriously folks.

Its only one stinkin' appearance, well one day's hosting Pacific Coast Hellway on Sirius radio.

As much as I'd like to mean more, it really means that I shelled out $510.00 and that nobody bid higher.

Think about that ... Nobody bid higher ... Than what I could afford. (WTF?)

Its a step in the right direction but its only a step.

I'd say its a baby step, but I have to pay the price for my insanity.

And to face the wrath of the wife, she who must be obeyed, when she finds out, specially with me just coming off a contract and facing a very uncertain short term future. [Long term, we're all dead so what's the diference? :-])

I can only wish I had Montel Williams media appeal and exposure.

But I'm starting a small revolution / evolution against the tyranny of the media and of the mass market.

Lets hope I can see it through to some sort of completion.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Oh, and Miss Chris, I wasn't kidding about my handwriting going to hell when I was 16.

If you want my autograph, just tie a fly by a leg, dip it in ink and let it try to take off over a sheet of paper.

That's a pretty fair approximation... :-)

Stay sane until next week.

Have myelin? said...

We won't come down from outer space to molest your cattle. For some reason that sent me into convulsions! That's hilarious!

I want your autograph too. Can I have it first since I live closer? :D Besides I'm deaf. Miss Chris can listen, I can't.

(Neener, neener to Miss Chris!!!)