Wednesday, January 03, 2007

msb-0099 There's others out there.

msb-0099 There's others out there.

Feedback come first so...

I got some from afar that kept me up late into the night last Tuesday/Wednesday.

Allison Reynolds started the site:
and keeps a blog at:
She is an ambitious MSer who is trying to use the power of the internet to raise a million dollars for MS research.

Of course, I don't know if that's in
  • Australian dollars,
  • Bahamian dollars,
  • Belize dollars,
  • Brunei dollars,
  • Canadian dollars,
  • Cayman Island dollars,
  • East Caribbean dollars,
  • Fiji dollars,
  • Guyanese dollars,
  • Hong Kong dollars,
  • Jamaican dollars,
  • Liberian dollars,
  • Namibian dollars,
  • New Zealand dollars,
  • Singapore dollars,
  • Solomon Island dollars,
  • Suriname dollars,
  • Taiwan dollars,
  • Trinidad/Tobago dollars,
  • US dollars or
  • Zimbabwe dollars.
Believe me, it makes a significant difference. :-)

Actually, she replied in my blog:
"The displayed amount and target amount [are] in Australian dollars, but everyone donates in US Dollars. The difference in exchange rates means the PayPal fees are covered" *taps side of the nose*
If there are any people of means, or who just mean well, who happen to check out her site, make a donation to help out our Australian brethren and fellow MSers.

Then again you might want to help her make her total real fast and pay her a million in Turkish Lira. (Hint: 1,000,000 TRL is about $0.71 USD. :-)

I'm also trying to work out an interview with her or to give her an episode on my podcast.

I can stay up late on a Friday while she gets up early on a Saturday (There's a lot of time zones between New South Wales and New Jersey,) and I can use Skype so it doesn't cost me too much.

Or if she wants to she can record her own show on her Sony cam.

---- Mercury Poisoning by: izzie Voodoo

I can't help but be reminded of my own MS symptoms from that song.

I got some feedback from a band, "Dead Leaf Echo," and I'm going to review a song by them.

The instruments are well played, the band is technically competent, the music is paced at a tempo that is a little slow and the leads singer is a bit too emo for my tastes.

But lets see what "you" think of them.

---- Poison Lips by Dead Leaf Eco

I discovered a, new to me, blog: The Idiotprogrammer .

There was an entry which was definitely worth the read: Caterpillar in the Pudding (for the link disabled its )

I love language and I love what people do with it. Things like:
kindernetzi: One who believes in and advocates the notion that all public net content should be family friendly. Specifically, one who believes that the realities of sex and drugs need to be kept hidden from kids for as long as possible.
Mule eating briars: A guilty person trying to look not guilty.
Example: He did it. He looks like a mule eating briars!
One of my favorites is:
one shy of a turkey: When somebody asks how you feel and you’re not too good you can say, One shy of a turkey.
Comes from bowling, where a turkey is three strikes in a row.
If you get two strikes and on the third you leave one pin standing you are one shy of a turkey and you don’t feel so hot afterwards.
Example: Q: How you feelin’ morning?
A: Oh, one shy of a turkey.
or how about:
rocks-for-jocks: Geology 101 in any undergraduate program.
Thought to be the easiest the science requirements.
Example: He’s unable to count his fingers without giving himself a hemorrhage, so he took rocks-for-jocks as his science.
I laughed so hard at "unable to count his fingers without giving himself a hemorrhage" that I got an "ice cream headache".

Its a whole l-o-n-g list of expressions that had me ROTF, LMAO.

---- Poison Like Your Own by: Rookie Of The Year (Is that emo enuf fir yaw?)

We're sneaking up on a century mark.

I have absolutely no idea of what I'm going to do to highlight the occasion.

I know its not a full calendar year yet.

Episode 0001 of this train wreck of a podcast started on February 2nd, 2006, (That's Imbolc for any Wiccan's in the audience. [I don't believe in any religion, but that's because I know so many.] :-)

Heck, why don't I ask you?

Send me some suggestions to Charles (at)

I've probably played over a thousand songs since I started.

Is there anything you want to hear again? (I know, how 'bout "Lars Need Women"? I hear a shouted "NO!" from a certain member of the audience. :-)

---- POISON by: lockdown

That last piece of ear candy was just something eurotrashy that I just loved.

It brought back fond memories of the early seventies. Those magical hormonally hyper-charged pre-aids days of my youth.

I was a boy with a reputation.

Once one girl had had enough, she passed me onto her friends with a warning (or was that a recommendation?) "He's all hands, and other things... Enjoy!"

It didn't make for stable relationships but I did get laid, a lot, unlike the nerds, bad boys in trench coats and the school jocks who were all talk and very little action.

My friend Eugene had something to say about that once at a Linux group meeting. :-) "You have all merely existed. But this man has lived!"

---- Am I Not Poisoned? by: Sonic Deviant

Okay. Stick a fork in me, 'cause I'm done for this episode.

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