Monday, January 22, 2007

msb-0105 Tempting Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos

msb-0105 Tempting Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos

Feedback comes first, so...

Allison's Reynold's interview is proceeding apace.

There are problems with "echo" on my end which means that post-production is taking me a lot longer since I have to re-record my end of it.

But Allison is lively, sweet, sassy and smart.

I'm going to try and talk her into being a (ir)regular "fund raising feature."

I will be featuring that show, that interview, next and I'm going to give her the same capability as the advertisers get: to download the interviews "on demand".

(She'll be able to have links to the specific episodes featuring herself and the "NetXPeriment project" files on her web site.)


The feedback I've received from "MDMHvonPA", "Friday's Child" and some testing on my own, about downloading the "commercial trial balloon", tells me that the "last yard" problems is consistent on PCs and quite solvable.

Just make sure that you've installed iTunes (and QuickTime) on your PC (its already on your Mac if that's what you're using,) and the problems disappear "automagically".


On the job front, I believe I am making progress finding "the next client". "Phew!"

Thank heavens. Its getting harder and harder to find work in my field (IT) and at my level (Project Management) in this part of the country.

---- "Business As Usual" by: "Sudden Death"

Feedforward comes next, so...

I'm discovering that giving things up, in fact, isn't giving up anything.

The topic of my last show was collaboration, and, when you have someone to collaborate with, its wonderful.

The mechanisms for turning this show into a going concern are all in place, on my end anyway.

If you have iTunes installed on your PC, (it come with the Mac,) they're all in place on your end too. (And from the pace with which the podcasts are getting picked up, I'd say many of you are starting to use it.)


I've finished "Wikinomics How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything" by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams, ISBN: 978-1-59184-138-8.

It really is well worth the read. Its a really eye-, and mind-, -opening book about how to use the internet for "US".

MDMHvonPA is all kinds of helpful.

He's already found a problem with the PC end of that download of msb-0046 that I'm asking all of you to do for me.

The link, the site and the stats all work.

Even the downloading works.

The problem comes just after that.

If you don't have the .mv4 file type registered in your browser (something that happens automagically when you install iTunes [or iPodder?]) your PC then has a problem with what the heck do you do with the file?

---- "business as usual" by: "andy pratt"

Reminder ads come next, safely sandwiched in between the "feed" sections of the show and the main topic.

But apart from reminding people that I'm still stress testing my stat keeping mechanism, the download mechanism and the feedback mechanism that people have about and around msb-0046.

I'm working on some people's perceptions and trying to get them to hear and see the potential of advertising on upbeat, positive shows that are "just for us" because they're "just by us".

And the potential exists for the other dread and orphan diseases.

---- "All For Business" by: "Byther Smith"

Main topic: "Tempting Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos

Who the heck were they?

CLOTHO spun the Thread of Life,
LACHESIS alloted the length of the yarn, and
ATROPOS did the snip (the final one).

( )

I am trying to do something with this podcast that no sane person would ever attempt.

I have begun something that I can only hope "Clotho" is still spinning yarn for and leaving "Lachesis" and "Atropos" tapping their feet, waiting.

I will end, eventually, because we all do, but MSBPodcast doesn't have to.

In MSBPodcast is my opportunity (there are so many diseases which need their own channel like this one,) and my legacy.

Its a Web 2.x mash up that put us, we few, we pitifully few, in charge of our destiny. We don't have to fade into obscurity.

The channels that were open to us were fundamentally limiting us in ways that were, quite frankly, quite cruel.

Oh they didn't think they were set up cruelly, but they were.

Amongst the limitations they created were limitations on our own expression.

They were never for us, they were "about" our disease, but they were never "for us".

We were discussed, talked around, and effectively shut out of any dialog we could have had, even if its only with ourselves.

MSBPodcast is a Web 2.x application of hardware and software that open up a channel for us, the MSers.

It serves as an example of what we can achieve when we don't have to compete with the "norms" for our own interests.

If it takes off, (and why shouldn't it?) it should revolutionize how MSers see themselves and their place in the world.

Its a idea who's time has come, and it will happen, because I am "making" it happen.

---- "Business Aint Music" by: "Maria Daines"

I feel like another New Yorker, Cyrus Field, the man who laid the first Trans-Atlantic cable.

I am lucky in that I have all the heavy lifting done for me already.

I am not laying down cable.

I am laying down an idea.

To use the wire we all have, the internet, to unite us MSers in a single global network where we can all communicate and get news, views, reviews and missives.

And wherein people who's business it is to reach us can and will reach us, but on our terms, (and not by boring our asses off with homilies, or by scaring the shit out of us either. :-)

Demographically, we're too widely geographically distributed to make a difference.

We're only 0.0833% of the population, but there exist a channel for us to be together.

A channel for us all to communicate.

A Channel where advertising for products, goods and services can all share in without choking us by taking up our bandwidth and by being inefficient and scattering their message to those who don't need to read or hear or see it.

Its a question of overall mass, which we have.

There's over 300,000 of us in the United States alone. There are millions of us world-wide.

It is no longer a question of density.

The internet does away with that demographic dimension.

---- "Mr. Business Man" by: "The Babylon Cowboys"

I'm putting together the interview with Allison Reynolds as you hear this.

I'm also working on getting the New Jersey Chapter's "Walk for MS" and the "Race for MS" to use this podcast as a forum for spreading the word and spreading information.

I will also provide access to the same "deep linking" mechanism for those show episodes that I'm making available to Allison Reynolds.

That's for me. I have to edit down Allison's interview.

Look for that episode on Wednesday.


mdmhvonpa said...

That's 300K known MSers in the US ... suspicions are that that is only 50% of us.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Well, I'm, using the "official statistics from the U.S. M.S. Society.

300k MSers in the US is a conservative estimate.

A less conservative figure that I've seen bandied about is 400k MSers in the US.

I'm sure if we could get the aggregate counts directly from the hospitals and cross-reference & sort by social security number, we could have a real figure (except for 'spurious transients' like illegal immigrants immigrants and foreign nationals.)