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msb-0205 Farewell Address (Eisenhower's, not Mine)

msb-0205 Farewell Address (Eisenhower's, not Mine)


Feedback comes first, so...

There was some interesting feedback on episode "msb-0037 Lets try this WITHOUT a theme".

It had been a long long time since I'd recorded that one. (7/26/2006!)

Things live forever on the internet.

---- "Don't Stop Believin' - Petra Haden" by: "Guilt By Association"

Feed Forward comes next, so...

This is "your" segment.

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---- "Dear Mother" by: "Jordan Doucette"

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---- "Song of the motherless calf" by: "Maria Daines"


I'm now going to play for you President/General Dwight D. Eisenhower's farewell address [ ] because it makes a very salient, almost prescient, point regarding the hole in which we find ourselves now; all of us.

---- "From Me To You" by: "Jeriko"


Eisenhower had some very interesting to say about what he saw as a possibility, (and indeed what has come to pass with the rise of Halliburton, the Carlyle Group and the incredible and obscene relationship between The House of Saud and the shacks of Bush,) about a military/industrial complex.

And I am beholding to its unintended consequences, since the internet, the web and the entire medium of podcasting are the extremely useful, but totally undemocratizing, aspects of those consequences.

Voltaire held that democracy was the tyranny of the masses. I hold the view that democracy in the age of mass media is whatever can buy the most airtime.

The history (and I am acutely aware of it since I have been present for most of it,) of the internet began as an attempt to create a scalable, redundant medium for communications that could survive any attempt at disrupting it.

The creation of TCP/IP was a reaction to the Cold War.

As it was happening, the cold war was just ramping up.

As it happens now, the Cold War has been won, but the internet is still hanging around and being disruptive.

Some, like the RIAA and the MPAA, might say that it is extremely disruptive. (But they're lawyers representing people whose' business models based on scarcity aren't coping too well with plenty (as in they are well and truly buggy whip makers, [which they attempt to use on their own customers, flogging them for dough, {and they wonder why people are upset? At being treated like criminals when buying their product makes you immediately suspect,}] and everybody's walking now [single tunes versus LPs and CDs.])

As an unintended consequence, the entire power structure of copyright has been thrown into a cocked hat.

The entire structure of politics in various countries, like Myanmar(Burma), or even that of the United States, is being thrown into the same cocked hat.

Economies and political systems are being churned as an unintended consequence, (some cynics might say as a kind of collateral damage,) since its adoption by the general population a little over a decade ago. (As much as the political elite might wish it, it is a fundamentally unstoppable force... Either you adopt it, and therefore become vulnerable to it, or you're quite literally subsisting in a cave, sandwiched between the borders of oblivion and irrelevance, [like some pious ignoble psychopaths I could name.])

The unintended consequence of making sure that a message goes through is that you have to handle it when you receive it. Tools like Google help, but they're not very discriminating (as odd as it might sound to us using Google to discriminate among the uncountable web pages.)

That lack of discrimination is what allows for information, like that embodied by this 'cast, to get through.

It "might" be valuable to "somebody", as I hope it becomes to us MSers.

A tyrannical system would have no such compunction.

It would reduce all communication to worthlessness and all of us to ashes and to compost.

The problem is that if there is anybody with the internet, they just walk around, over, or even "through" tyranny to get the message through (even when its just some spam for "viag'e'ra".)

---- "Hey Mr. DJ " by: " Tiny Masters of Today"


The problems with living in a world controlled by such a military/industrial complex is that it produces nothing of any use except to blow shit up and kill people.

The problem, and the preoccupation, with a declared war against an undeclared enemy is that it is a sink hole for all the wealth of the world; down which we can also toss all of the rights and freedoms we have managed to acquire over the past few centuries.

I care about this because the people who are responsible for the sordid state of affairs, going from a balanced budget and a surplus with which to pay down our debts in 1999, to being trillions of dollars in debt, (trillions of dollars, [that's some digit between one and nine and twelve digits after it, (12!}]) have left "nothing"; never mind leaving anything for us MSers.

Not one damn thought was given to the 15% of the planet's population that's chronically ill because we are being set up to die in the first wave of whatever cataclysm are unleashed when the four horsemen come riding in, "War, Famine, Pestilence, Death", and the fifth horseman. always forgotten, never invited, but ever present, "Chaos". (What fools financiers be. You can't eat a gun, though you might eat a bullet.)

We will use the very tools by which they mean to ignore us to remind them of our existence and to shame they who consider themselves to be the overlords of the planet into dealing with us in a way that is acceptable to all.

Because we all share the same grave.

Nobody lives forever.

---- "All Thumbs Up " by: "Jeriko"


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