Wednesday, October 03, 2007

msb-0206 Ever feel small and insignificant?

msb-0206 Ever feel small and insignificant?


Feedback comes first, so...

Well, I am now unemployed, as opposed to being underemployed. Now begins the work of finding another job. (Sigh...)

There isn't any feedback, but I did find a funny bit about the sheer size of the universe from "Monty Python" on "YouTube."

---- "Communicate" by: "Brian Scibinico"

Feed Forward comes next, so...

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---- "Communication" by: "Military Junior"


Ever feel small and insignificant? I have on several occasions but the most memorable one (there are several,) is one tipsy Christmas evening in Kinburn, which is a distant suburb west of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, at my ex-brother-in-law's house, lying on his front lawn on that cold, crisp winter's night, staring at the Milky Way, and being able to see thousands of stars.

---- "Sin Communicatum" by: "Inner Flux"


That feeling of my own insignificance came from seeing the sheer scale of the universe and thing of my place and role within it.

The following day, I returned back to Ottawa and the high-tech world with its much smaller horizons, its well-lit bustle and its rooms with their ceilings eight or twelve feet above my head.

I have since gone on both sides of the Atlantic doing the work of a computer programmer, a software product manager, an object-oriented software design and development "guru" and I gathered some praise and an article, or 20, one wife, after another, (both of whom became friends, [so you know I don 't get away with anything around the house, {whatever one doesn't remember, the other one does ... (and both bring instances up to me if I ever step put of line... :-)}])

I had roles to play in that world; but I never forgot the sky that night.

Now I am finishing another role. I have lost my job, meaning I have no further source of income. (It was inevitable, I suppose. In fact, I am quite surprised and glad that it even lasted as long as it did.)

But now I am entirely free to dedicate myself entirely to this podcast, and possibly others.

---- "Nikola Tesla Is My Homeboy" by: "dotCommunism"


Lying there in the snow, looking up at a night sky that was full of stars, definitely made me feel small and insignificant; but, try as I might, it something I can only wish for here in light polluted Jersey City.

Now, I can get on with the work of making this podcasting career pay.

The "best" jobs are the ones that are fun and that you can dedicate yourself to, heart and soul.

So does anyone know Corporate Communications Officers who want to use podcasting to communicate their corporate message?

I'm in the market for a job and I happen to have 206 episodes of doing fully fleshed podcasts under my belt. (Its not a speaking job. Its a job helping "them" speak. :-)

---- "Tubes and Wires /for Nikola Tesla" by: "Omnibus"


Under the principle of it never rains but it pours, I have just fund out that my mother is dying of kidney cancer.

Man things are depressed around the Rovira household today. My mother is taking it better that I am. My sister is faced with what we all knew was inevitable but she's still a bit shaken.

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