Tuesday, August 29, 2006

msb-0066 66? What happened to 59 throught 65?

msb-0066 66? What happened to 59 throught 65?

Feedback goes first so ...

you're probably asking what is happening to the numbering.

I'm skipping the episode numbering for the videos on my podcast.

Every piece of video that I'm putting out right now is on an episode of its own.

It is not meant for me to contribute anything to it or take from it.

This also gets me around some copyright issue.

Also, if you liked them, good; but they're over.

I'm getting everything from democracy (if they didn't get whatever appropriate clearances or permissions, its their problems, I'm just a wire.)

Apart from wrappering them in a different file named for my podcasts' sequencing. I did not alter them in any way.

I do hope you enjoyed them and are supporting the artists by buying their music.

It would help if you thought of them as place markers for ads. (On the internet, you can have a hundred such place markers and still have plenty of time for the 'cast.)

Every ad on this podcast will be on its own and can be downloaded on its own, without any other competing ad, and without having to compete for time, or your atttention span, with the 'cast content.

I should/could/would might/maybe/perhaps remind you of an ad, (admittedly for some money, after all I have to eat and pay for the cost of this podcast.) and point you to it on the site but it should not interfere with my content in any real way.

In the same way, you should be able to download an ad, found through my podcasts or through a search engine, without any interference from my content, like time limitations or conflicting/competing messages.

Actually, podcasting takes serial time right out of the equation.

You are in complete control.

The shows, be they text only, audio or video files, are downloaded to your player (PC, Mac, iPod, whatever,) when you go looking for them.

You read, listen to or watch them when you want.

And they persist.

I may refer back and tell you about something but you can look through the old episodes, or reload an episode of an ad, and get the information that way.

I see my role as an aggregator for all kinds of things related to MS (unlike a corporate ad which doesn't mention any competion or unrelated goods or services.)

And unlike mass media which has some justification for never covering MS related material as being for too small a market. (Face it. Being 0.0833% of the population means that they'd rather sell air time to people with more money to, uh, spend reaching a bigger slice of the audience pie.)

I also see my role as laying the foundation for this site and bringing you entertainment. (And you can guide me there if you want. What kind of music do you like; what makes your ears happy?)


Actually, its a new advertising model that I'm pushing.

The separation of the ads from the content can be accomplished with podcasting.

It used to be seperated back when sponsorship really meant something.

It also used to be seperated in Europe where ads were run in a block in between programs.

Then you didn't have to put up with incongruities like a detergent ad running on a show about how phoshates were killing our rivers and steams. (I'm sure the advertisers were not too thrilled about that. [But not as thrilled as I was to get them to stop putting stuff into the water that was killing them. {Remember the time the Manongahelah river caught fire? (Not all businesses, governments or religious groups are run by geniuses and not all ideas they have are bright ones.)}])

Once again I'm beholding to someone else, the genius at Acura, who set up a podcast for their car, which you can download when you're ready to look for it.

The interuption of ads come from somebody, usually the show host, telling you to go look at it.


Except that I'm tying you, the consumer, to a response to an ad on my site/podcast so that I would get the advertising revenue for it, for as long as the ad was on my site to be downloaded.

If the ad is not viewed the good or service is not necessary.

End of story for you and minimal cost for the advertiser. Nor do I expect exclusivity. But they're not broadcast advertising now and they're not likely to suddenly get the urge to throw away the customers money on an broadcast media ad.

They would pay a small one time set up fee and a promotion charge, (if you don't know the ad is here, its not likely to get downloaded is it,) and pay per download.

No downloads, no other costs. Simple, clean and cheap.

If the ad is viewed and you found out about the good or service listening to this podast, then this podcast should get the financial support of the advertiser.


That's the plan anyway.

Adverising on demand instead of constant interuption of content by advertising and the corrolory interuption of the advertising by the content.

I would only mention that we have these ads for your perusal, along with weblinks, at the end of the 'cast along with the show credits.

The rest of the 'cast would be me (shut up already,) and my tunes.

Sound good? Good...

Now, you get to listen to me and my revolution.



Miss Chris said...

Are you still feeling super? I hope so.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

I am indeed.

I have figured out something that makes me happy.

You don't need to crowd out content for ads.

Likewise you don't have to crowd out the ads for the content.

They can happily coexist in parallel tracks.

While the first one is always free, (since I make an episode out of it,) any subsequent referrals would be sponsored.

I haven't even asked; do you ever check out the show?

Go to http://www.MSBPodcast.com/ The details are on there to play the shows right there on your browser, or subscribe with iTunes, and send me voice mail, or email... (Yaddah, yaddah, yaddah. :-)

I'm getting absolutely no respect from the NJ MS Society (shows you what a $2,500 donation to the race for MS gets you, doesn't it?) but I could care less.

This is so much bigger than just this disease.

Its a fix for the entire broadcast model and its giving them a way to survive the internet-ization of content and advertisments.