Thursday, November 02, 2006

msb-0077 The Ouch! podcast is continuing

msb-0077 The Ouch! podcast is continuing

Feedback come first so ....

Here's some musings from the Haupertonian MS Cabal

[m d m h von p a's piece didn't make it in time, unless it gets here in the couple of hour, I'll just release it on its own as soon as it does.]


Feedback that I've got from the Malcolm Friend of the MSAA, Jaime and Eric Kjelland is very positive. (Erik's now looking into the Podsafe Music Network for spreading the word and the good vibrations wider afield than I want to or can reach.)

Man feel good about that.


I had a surprise from the podcast quadrant of the multiverse (whaat?) last Thursday, (2006.11.12)

The BBC put out issue 8 of the "Ouch! podcast" Yay!

I enjoy listening to Mat Frazer and Liz Carr and the rest of the Ouch! crew. And they know about all kinds of disabilities, including MSs' sequellae.

I can only dream of having somebody like the BBC behind me.

But American television doesn't work that way.

Instead it all about the ratings and with a target audience that's only 0.0833% of the population, nobody's interested.

So I'm stuck trying to entice visitors into buying stuff from Cafe Press (the first item in the linkage section at,) or to donate via PayPal (the second item in the linkage section at

In that respect I'm like Tim Henson of "Distorted View Daily." Unlike him, I've at least got a chance at finding sponsorship. (If you don't know "Distorted View Daily" let just say that its a show that is doomed to be a success, [partly because Tim is such an ass-hole, {and I mean that in the nicest, least malicious way possible,}] but will never attract sponsors because the advertising model is too hypocritical to admit that a sponsor actually supports the show. :-)

And we don't need to go far to get into a non-commercial model coexisting, albeit un-easily, with the commercial model. I'm listening to the "CBC Radio: Quirks & Quarks Complete Show" podcast as I type this.


This episode you're going to be subjected to my latest, well, crush does not describe it,
infatuation doesn't do it either, obsession really is too-too much.

Its just that is so rare that you can find somebody who's so damn original and seems to have mastered every genre out there.

Guess what?

That someone is George Rhab...

I've found his stuff on the PMN, the podsafe music network, so I can use it.

I've also found him at the iTune Music Store and at CD Baby. (I've got three of his four albums. I'll get the next one real soon now. :-)

I figure, no I know, you'll either love him or hate him. I can understand that he's not everybody's cup of tea, but just wait 'till the next song and the music will have changed completely.

He's a very creative and inventive soul. I like him.


I went to a support group meeting on Wednesday.

The people were lovely and the speaker was a Physical Therapist who was lively and extremely well informed.

It was unfortunately an extremely small group which while making for a very intimate, uh, congregation, does greatly limit what you can actually do.

There are various problems with being in Jersey City. Of course these are related to the usual problems of real estate; those being location, location and location.

Location: We're just across the Hudson river from New York City. Who wouldn't rather be in the Big Apple? (Right up until you try to get around in the Big Apple. Then you'd rather be anywhere else. Its expensive, dirty, noisy, smelly, definitely not ADA compliant everywhere, the subways are only partially handicapped accessible [usually not where you're going,], cabs are hard to get because somebody healthy is going to take it before you can, and its rarely pleasant in the rain or snow. [As "Seinfeld" said in one of his comedy routines, in winter the city has a certain unidentifiable something, but come summer, you know that its urine.])

Location: Through accidents of history, the group meets in the synagogue of a rehab facility. Its merely the latest re-incarnation of the building. It has morphed several times while the MS group has been there. I'm almost allergic to religion in all forms so sitting in the back behind rows of pews, looking at menorahs and an altar covered by a Star of David, sort of gives me a headache.

Location: The location is off the beaten path (read "an access P.I.T.A.") It may be at ground level and the building may be ADA compliant but its tucked away in a dense residential neighborhood where public transportation is problematic at best and parking is virtually non-existent.

Add to this the insurance problems. (Imagine you're an administrator. "What if somebody falls and sues?" [Notice that you, as the fallen, don't enter into this worry. They have janitorial staff to pick up debris; you know, broken pieces like crockery, hip-bones, that kind of stuff.])

Its a considerable problem. The biggest advantage is that, because its been grandfathered into so many incarnations of the building's history, its free and you just can't beat the price.

But the transportation and location issues #3 and #2, are enough that my wife has some idea about alleviating it.

We'll see if she can exercise her considerable charms with Hudson Community College, which is right next to the Journal Square PATH station, has a sufficient parking lot, is already covered by insurance due to the student body using it, meets all the ADA requirements and has a security guard, could be talked into giving us a class room on the first Wednesday of the month. ('Granting us' access to a room might even be part of their fulfilling their community mandate.)


The last item on the linkage section is a survey, run by kiptronics on my behalf. It would really help me get to know you better.

I'm still plugging "Who's in control of your multiple sclerosis" by Willian E Code.


Don't forget. Social Security restrictions on mobility devices, bad; your vote good.

Now go out there and find which of your politicos can at least pretends he gives a shit.

Use your vote for what's best for you, for a change, rather than just following some party line.

It doesn't matter if you're republican, democrat, libertarian or if you're pulling for "Teddy and the boys" in the Bull Moose party, if you can't be bothered to watch out for "numero uno", what makes you think anyone else will?


Miss Chris said...

We MSers have to look out for ourselves. We certainly can't count on anyone else (ie: physicians and/or politicians). Numero uno is right.

Miss Chris said...

Anything yet from MDMHVONPA?

Friday's Child said...

It was wonderful to read about my own little triumphs in the "round-up" of goings on. At the end of a treacherously stumble block filled day it breathed life back into the joy of moving back home. I'm still podcast challenged but I'll get around to it once we're moved back home. We're very close now ... the 15th of Nov. Thanks for the happiness refresher.

mdmhvonpa said...

Durn it ... the visit to the doctor took too damn long! Grrr....

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Don't sweat it MDMH,

like I said/wrote, send me the stuff when you're ready and you're going in then.

You're not on the clock. And I like the idea of your "Musings from the Haupertonian Cabal" being able to stand on their own.

I'm sure that we'll work out something better for the voice.

What's wrong with your own?

mdmhvonpa said...

I'm a wuss. ;P

Charles-A. Rovira said...


Okay, I'll buy an upgraded voice for the Mac. (I still think you're being silly. If I can do this, you can too.)

I'm not going to put my faltering voice to your well written prose.

Hell I'm only doing this by myself because I can't afford to hire a reader.

Hmmm. Maybe I should get a computerized voice for myself...

Nah. As bad as my voice is (I'm kind of like George Hrab that way,) I can still manage to put something which feels more real to my own ears.

Then I can concentrate more on the writing...

I think that I'll leave it as a question for the audience.


Speaking of George Hrab, how did our non-country music lovers out there like him?