Wednesday, November 22, 2006

msb-0084 MDMHvonPAs' Roundup-06.11.22

Here is MDMHvonPA's eagerly awaited Roundup-06.11.22:

"What to say, what to say?

Recently, I've been running into some commentary regarding the fiction of free will. One author postulated that we are merely a gaggle of fleshy robots grinding our way through existence though the whim of our programming. We only do things that our brain has been set up to allow us to do. If we are genetically predisposed to be an alcoholic, a pedophile, be overweight, a gambling addict and so forth, then it will be so.

What this nihilistic philosopher of the electron bully pulpit has forgotten is that we have the free will to choose NOT to do these things. If you like to eat (like me) and you see that cake, you know it will be particularly delicious. Sure, you can shove the whole thing down your maw but you'll know there are CONSEQUENCES for that hedonistic engagement.

Likewise, if you are genetically marked to get MS, what happens after that (if you should be diagnosed) is really up to you. You can lie down and die or you can take charge and move on. I get really wound up whenever some bit-rate blow-hard jumps on the kitsch pop culture bandwagon and blathers that we are just mindless robots moving through a time-line.

No, I have will, I have choice and I have a goal. To fail so absurdly to adhere to critical thinking is a crime ... a capital crime, against the higher mind. So let these myopic twiddle-bots spout their slander against humanity, I have not the inclination nor the self-doubt to sop up their vitriolic spew.

With that, I will engage in some free will and selfless acts that are NOT within my programming. Charles was the recipient of a cry for help and I feel compelled to pass it along.

Marlene Askew asks for assistance in finding 2 escapees from NO-Katrina. Last seen in flight from I-610, in the Gentilly section of the city. No names, just a young Man and his MS wife. I'm pretty sure it is not Friday's Child (who has just moved back into their home ... cheers!), but if you are out there, just send a note to Charles to let him inform Mrs Askew that all is right in the world. In this age of stolen identity and medical data clearance ... bloggers have become the Ham Radio Operators for finding lost souls.

Sancho Knotwise (jm) has found that MS is full of little nasties. One of the less damaging, but entirely annoying symptoms has been his unwanted companion of late. A pestiferous nagging companion at that. As a fellow sufferer of facial tics, I really can identify with his annoyance. Especially with it is one of those sensitive muscles about the eyes. That kind of thing is only interesting when the Tough Cop Movie Anti-Hero has an uncontrollable facial tic, not when you are trying to read a book.

Speaking of small annoyances, Mouse (no, she is not a small annoyance ... SHEESH!) has been spending some time with a new hobby. Squirrel Spotting. Now, the abundant population of these buggers on the Haupertonian Grounds tends to result in an aggressive Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom Live Trapping and Relocation program, but when they are not chewing up the bird feeders or digging up the flower bulbs they can be quite a treat to watch. See what she has to note about her crafty clutch of furry neighbors.

Of course, Miss Suzy has her own issues with the varmint population near her homestead. Like that strange cousin from out of state or the Creepy Uncle who likes to use the bathroom without closing the door, the uninvited and unwanted guests are stating to show up for thanksgiving. Of course, even the most egregiously uncouth relative does not leave dropping in the cereal or chew holes in your pantry provisions. Like white blood cells chewing at your myelin, they (the rodents) tend to spoil everything. Of course, this is has more to do with the pockets of little boys than anything. Give it a read, I had a pretty good laugh.

Back to Free Will. I seem to write much too often about Miss Chris. The Ever Patient Mrs is starting to get jealous! Of course, the affection is a mere interest regarding children and karate. Recently, the Scion of Chris has been dealt an administrative defeat in a martial arts tournament and the nature of fairness in the world is a hot topic in her comments. In an academic sense, it has analogies to MS that can be quite obvious and not very pretty. Life can be quite unfair given the nature of man. But much like our attitudes regarding MS, it is how we handle our defeats that defines us as successes of failures.

Thank you MDMHvonPA for your roundup of what's been happening in the blog-o-sphere.

Have a happy "Thanks Giving" because, in spite of it all, we have much to be thankful for, its just that some have more than others. (Hey, we could be "Iraqis". Now that would suck!)


mdmhvonpa said...

Happy Thanks-giving to you too ... pick one, Canadian or American ... same attitude, same thanks and hopes.

Miss Chris said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Charles, for posting my search for the young couple from New Orleans. I don't know if this is important, but we were finally separated when they were airlifted from the parking lot in front of the downtown bus depot. Thanks again.
Marlene Askew