Monday, November 20, 2006

msb-0083 X-Ray

msb-0083 X-Ray

Feedback comes first so ...

There isn't any. There hasn't even been time.

Its no use. I'm not podfading, I'm bursting at the seams. I just got to put this out now and screw this once a week format.

This episode I am torn between playing all of the X-Ray Dogs (at ) or just playing you some teasers.

I think I'm going to do what I should usually do when I'm faced with this situation.

I'm going to S.T.F.U. and just let them play.

To paraphrase Mark Anthony in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: "Cry Havoc and Let Loose The X-Ray Dogs of War!"

---- Alta Plaza

They seem to be based out of London England and I "love" them. The musical influences that I pick up on from listening to them are all over the map.

I'm fact I'm going to ask jm (a.k.a. John-Mark Cullen,) who's in Liverpool, (entirely on the wrong side of England, [but at least he's on the isle, so he's much closer than I am,) who's a fellow MSer to see if he can find out more about them than I can from their website and the very few other sources on the web. Maybe the Brit issue of N.M.E. has something on them. I certainly hope so.

---- Slaughterhouse Blues

And don't waste your time with the American X-Ray Dogs. ( ) That's a musical outfit that's based out of L.A. that does music for movies, television and commercials.

They're slick professionals and grind out a good, creditable tune but they're craftsmen, hit-makers, people who research their music with focus groups and the antithesis of spontaneous.

They're manipulating their audience, not tantalizing them. The music is engineered, not composed. And its eminently forgettable.

They'll give you exactly what you expect from a music score for your movie, TV show or commercial. But that's rarely music. People rarely walk out of a movie theatre or sit in front of the TV humming along to a shows' music.

Guess what I want? ... Exactly the opposite...

I want something that sticks to my ears and tells me things, maybe even things I'd rather not know. That's why music is caught between the old & familiar and the new & strange. Music can either be baying at the moon or accompanying vespers. There is something about a bunch of notes that affects us. And eventually, we get it and it stops being necessary for this generation to get it... Next...

---- Dead not Quick

I know that all of the music off of the album Alta Plaza album is available for free at soundclick ( ) I'd have paid them for this musical gift. (Guess what's coming through my earphones as I write this at 01:00? ... Right! I haven't been able to get away from them since last week when I was putting the music together for "msb-0082 Echoes".)

---- Supershine (Live in Las Vegas)

Until next time.

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