Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Bum Rush The Charts"

"Bum Rush The Charts"

On, March 22nd, 2007, you can go to the iTunes Music Store, [ {download it if you ain't got it yet}] and buy the song "Mine Again" by the group "Black Lab".

Or you can click on the image above and go to the site "Bum Rush The Charts" and go to the official site at [ ] and participate there.

Just do it!

If you've already got iTunes, you can just click here. (if the link is not working you can select and copy this text into your browser and then hit enter: ).

This is your chance to tell the music industry that the internet has enough room for everybody, not just the few bands the music industry gets behind, because they smell money and nothing but money.

And don't get me started about the payola corruption filled radio.

Support "Black Lab", buy their song "Mine Again" and "Bum Rush The Charts".

Here's a sample of their music.

---- "See The Sun " by: "Black Lab"

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