Monday, April 28, 2008

msb-0293 PodCamp NY 2.0

msb-0293 PodCamp NY 2.0


Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

MSBPodcast is "not" any kind of a medical podcast.

It is by and for MSers.

Its purpose is to keep us entertained, to explain our symptoms, to remark on our discoveries, and to raise the general consciousness about our disease.

The path to illness is shadowy, murky and rough strewn.

The path to wellness is lit by the lamp of knowledge.


Feedback comes first, so...

PodCampNYC is over and I have felt the pulse of an industry which is maturing at an extremely rapid pace.

But some of the participants are complete and utter, uh, how can I describe the rapid fire patter which assaulted me at the session on LiveStreaming.

Some of it is actually an excellent offshoot of traditional media production techniques. It is interesting and has an interesting approach, an interesting point of view.

But some of it is complete and utter bull spewed slurred-ly by some people who don't have MS for an excuse for their diction, (they're stewed, pure and simple,) and on whom any of the equipment seems a waste.

I could feed an entire third world country for a week on the drek that was wasting bits and the time to flip them. (Sorry but this was porn of the mind and these people didn't have the energy to power a single lackadaisical and peremptory moan.)

The presenter was wonderful, energetic, intelligent and really knew her stuff. Unfortunately, the stuff being LiveCast was not as good as she was.


Meanwhile, I was supposed to go my friend the chef's place for the next installment in her doctoral thesis. Unfortunately, I've had to beg off.

(Luckily, I just had killer ribs at R.U.B on 23rd street in Manhattan.)


Unfortunately I'm not feeling 100% at the moment. (More like 60% with chilly flurries. [I don't walk or go out much these days {what with being unemployed and all (and it doesn't look like that's going to be improving soon [but that's a rant I'll save for another day,]} however I think that that aspect of my life will improve as I have finally seen that there's more "out there" than I can find working out of home;] yes, its more risk, but sometimes "you just gotta go fur it, dude, go fur it; hear what I'm sayin'")


The source for the music on this episode was suggested by Eli Smith of "Down Home Radio" [ ].

I love what he's does; going back into the dusty archives of recorded music to dig out the gems from the roots of music.


Oh and this just in: According to "this" [ ] article in the New York Times, it looks like "Miley Cyrus", a.k.a. "Hannah Montana" now wants "To Be Taken Seriously As An Artist" [ ].

Now art imitates life imitating art imitating life, or something like that.

---- "ECLIPSE OF THE SUN_olb-02" by: "Sidney Maiden"

Feed Forward comes next, so...

This is "your" segment.

Say "your" piece on this segment.

Share with other MSers whatever "you" want to share.

Drop me an email: "charles at"

---- "BLUES AT SUNDOWN_olb-13" by: "Jimmy Wilson"

Feed Me comes third, so...

Do you have a therapy, product, good or service that is of interest to MSers?

Consider advertising on this podcast.

Reminders on this segment only cost $0.03 per reminder per download of an episode. (A $30CPM targeted at MSers.)

It can/should lead to a full ad, in text, audio or video, which costs $3.00 per download.

That sounds expensive until you do the math and realize that if nobody downloads it it costs you nothing, unlike print, where you often can't even get an ad in to the specialized journals, or radio or TV where you'd just be wasting your money with the 0.0833% MSers rate of return. (That's about six times "below" the level of "statistical noise".)

But MSBPodcast is 100% in your market, and you only pay per download of your material.

No play, no pay.

Reach the MSers who would buy your therapy, product, good or service, with-out having to waste your advertising money on anyone who is "not" interested...

Send me an email at: "charles (at)"

---- "SITTING HERE WONDERING_wcb-22" by: "J.W. Walker"


What podcasting needs is what broad casting thinks it has: "Metrics!"

My presentation was about metrics.

Most of the session I attended were about metrics.

Most of the people I spoke with were deeply concerned about metrics.

Most of the problems people were having had to do with obtaining reliable metrics.

It was that kind of week-end. :-)

---- "T-99_wcb-17" by: "Jimmy Nelson"


I'm about to say something that will either be considered extremely invasive by podcasters (everybody like to put their circulation stats in the best light,) or will be recognized as an absolute necessity.

Podcast metrics, from server IP address to client IP address, is absolutely essential for podcasting to get real measurable metrics.

Podcasting essentially deals with market niches. Potentially millions of niches.

There are a few problems though.

First: Podcasting's "long tail" doesn't fit into the current time line of "campaign" running. What podcasting offers is radically different consumption of CPM ads.

Instead of an ad campaign running and being able to close down instantaneously a podcast ad may be offering payback for years, (for as long as the show containing the ad is on a server.)

This means that the concept of a cut off and an acceptance of the tail being deliberately cut (for obvious reasons, the song "Three Blind Mice" is running through my head,) and we'll have to accept the inaccuracy as inherent.

Next: The concept of delivered ads where the content is an ad, delivered on demand to the end-user, and paying for every single delivery, is entirely new to the ad industry (No one, neither the broadcaster, nor the agencies, nor their traditional clients have "ever" been able to charge for and/or pay for "piece work".

Podcasters "can!"

We can deliver exactly wpthe content that an advertiser wants (or is legally entitled to say in the ad's content,) to a specific IP address that requests it.

The efficiency is complete.


I am also going to be less, uh, "risk averse" (which banks loved so I wrote software that banks loved, [until the Smalltalk vendoes shot themselves in the foot, {with a Howitzer,}]) and get my butt out there. (What the Hell? Manhattan is only a PATH train ride away.)

There's a billion things to do, "out there", and a 6.7 billion people to meet, "out there." Ain't nobody in here but us chickens. (I know I'm going again next year.)

---- "TRAIN, TRAIN BLUES_olb-08" by: "Johnny Fuller"


I see only one possible outcome from this situation.

Podcasting "will" develop the same kinds of attitude towards reporting accurate statistics that broadcasting has...

Advertisers and advertising agencies will come to love the long tail as being totally efficient.

I "will" get my ass out there.

---- "WHY DON'T YOU WRITE TO ME _olb-06" by: "L.C. Robinson"



mdmhvonpa said...

Yeah ... you're in an emerging market and the BigBoys don't know how to make a dime off it quite yet.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

The "Big Boys" aren't going to do anything.

The Big Boys are going to crunch the numbers and see nothing bothering worth going for.

Were not even worth disrupting.

There is no money in it for them.

The costs of establishing an ad campaign on air and on the internet are no different!

Its what happens after, when there is:
• no air time to buy,
• no transmitter to pay for,
• no time slot to vie for,
• no market demographics to kowtow to,
that everything changes.

The dynamics of on-line distribution of content (and advertising) in text, audio or video, are entirely different.

If you have essentially infinite storage, infinite bandwidth, and can use a client-server distribution model, the costs of keeping those bits around are negligible and the costs of shoving those bits around are also negligible.

With a podcast/catch and RSS distribution of content, the actual bandwidth requirement goes down