Monday, June 23, 2008

msb-0317 Shedding Weight

msb-0317 Shedding Weight

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Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!

MSBPodcast is "not" any kind of a medical podcast.

It is by and for MSers.

Its purpose is to keep us entertained, to explain our symptoms, to remark on our discoveries, and to raise the general consciousness about our disease.

The path to illness is shadowy, murky and rough strewn.

The path to wellness is lit by the lamp of knowledge.


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"King Kong", [ ] the 800 lb Gorilla in the room, gives an inkling about the sheer mass of the shit storm that will befall us all once we reach peak oil. (If you don't think we have, come up with a better explanation for why the price of oil has gone inexorably from pennies to over $140 per barrel. Greed from speculator was always there but it couldn't take advantage of the situation until a shortage was perceivable.)

In effect, the Sanitation Department crew, waiting at the foot of the Empire State Building once the Animal Control Department's situation had been dealt with, was stuck with the ginormous and extremely unglamorous problem or carting the wreckage away.

And it gets worse.

We're still at the Animal Control stage of the script.

---- "Silent But Deadly" b y: "Baron Von Lichtenstein"

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Go to "Brass Ivory" [ ] and read the humorous, moving, angry (I prefer to think of them as as righteously indignant,) messages from the various MSers out there.

We range the gamut of emotions in our reaction to our disease, we MSers.

---- "Dead" by: "Delphinium Blue"

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---- "Rock is Dead" by: "Jeff Mallon"


King Kong wasn't the only 800 lb Gorilla in the room, but he could suck the joy, as well as the oxygen, out of any enclosed space.

The other gorilla in the room is one that dwarfs King Kong like he was a flea on "Curious George"'s ass. [ ]

Peak oil also presages peak human population.

---- "The Man Wants Me Dead" by: "Byther Smith"


Let me do some back of the envelope math here. (C'mon adults, its really simple. Don't get all "glazed over" on me now.)

There are 6.3 billion people (at 120lb [or 60 kilos] per person on average that works out to 756,000,000,000lbs [or 378,000,000,000 kg]) of human meat alive today, right now.)

The problem is that keeping the 756,000,000,000lbs [or 378,000,000,000 kg] alive will each require hundreds of tons of fodder over their average 56 to 64 year life-span. (Average means that your aunt Millie living to 87 years old was probably balanced out by someone dying at age thirty two in some god forsaken Hell hole where he was already an old man until the arrogant authorities caught up with him and taught him an up close and personal lesson about agrarian reform and recycling of waste.

Its inevitable that life expectancy is about to crash as oil becomes unaffordable.

One of the many things that the use of oil brought was the increase in food production, (without which, I'll grant you, we'd never have got in this mess. [But we have, so "deal with it, ok?"])

I'm not worried about me. I had already made the conscious decision to not go swimming in the gene pool in case there was some heritable component to MS. (While the jury is still out, it seems that the cause of my MS was more a question of nurture rather than nature.)

But for the breeders out there, its going to be a rough adjustment. Rough but inevitable.

The alternative is stupidly running out of road and going over the edge of a cliff in the family station wagon with the whole family inside. (Actually its a slower and far more agonizing death than a quick crash as you hit bottom both figuratively and literally, but just as prematurely fatal.)

For examples of this kind of collapse, look no further than the inhabitants of "Easter Island" who lived on an island capable of supporting about 10,000 people, numbered a mere 4,000 in 1722 when the Europeans came a calling again and registereda scant 110 a mere seventy years later at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

This was after they had chopped all their forest to make rollers for their "Aku Aku" and then greeted the pox laden pustulent white man with open arms, shortly before waving goobye to the visitors to their distant shores and shortly thereafter, uh, dropping like flies.

From 10,000 souls at peak, to 4,ooo sustained survivors, to 110 wretches post-discovery by "Whitey."

Meeting us was far more calamitous than even chopping down all their trees and effectively standing themselves on a speck of dirt at the ass-end of the world.

The biomass is hitting the rotating impeller and we'd better adjust or we'll go extinct.

On the positive side, it means the death of the phrase "be fruitful and multiply."

Sex will become purely for pleasure rather than the procreative burden its always been up 'til now...

Not to pique your prurient interests but there'll be more on that on an another episode.

---- "Dead In The Water" by: "AMUC"


The structure of society is unsustainable at its current non-renewable consumption levels.

This is a problem we've been ignoring since we started this silliness back in the middle of the nineteenth century because there was cheap available oil energy to cope with the ever expanding population, the ever expanding economies in Europe and in North America and recently the rest of the world has jumped on a bandwagon that is too small for it and its only shrinking day by day.

We can either go away and become extinct, (not a very palatable solution if you're the species that is going extinct,) or "deal with the coming population contraction." (A euphemism for a die off where almost, but not everybody, has to go [actually everybody end up going at some point, but it is usually not all at the same time. {That's called "extinction".}])

---- "polka deadman" by: "mad shad"



mdmhvonpa said...

Funny thing about being a farmer ... you know where the food comes from and how to grow it (I still have canned veggies from last year's harvest) ... but how do ppl get into trouble with obesity? Processed food. We can grow more than enough food for ourselves and the world, we just need to grow a lot of it closer to home. The Amish seem to be doing quite well about these parts.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Farmers sort of know how to grow something that used to be food (and AgriBusiness has not wrecked all of that.)

But without pesticides, herbicides, GM crops and the like, (all of which requires oil, from the planting to the harvesting,) most farms have been co-opted by the production techniques that were engineered to grow inferior but cheaper to produce crops and livestock.

Obesity is a product of the changes in farming and food processing that have transformed the store shelves from pre-war to post-war when AgriBusiness took over.

Garbage in, garbage out only works if the 'pipe doesn't need nutrients.

Most obese people are that way because they're absolutely starving looking at the grocery store/super market shelves!

The Amish don't go in for that kind of processed crap. But then again, the Amish have other issues.