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msb-0319 Emergence by Emergency

msb-0319 Emergence by Emergency

R. Buckminster Fuller

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge - SEE THE MOVIE! from Buckminster Fuller Institute on Vimeo..


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I told you in episode 318 that I was seeing a glimmer of hope...

Part of the glimmer come from some of the curves I see as the result of the peaking of oil.

If a rising tide lifts all boats, what happens when the tide recedes, and you're living on the "Bay Of Fundy" [ ] and risk getting stranded?

Will the falling tide of oil revenue precipitate falling tax revenue, and will falling industrial demand precipitate falling tax revenue, and will falling consumer demand precipitate falling tax revenue. (See where I'm going with this?)

Meanwhile, this government's little adventures on the far side of the world has precipitated a rising debt problem wich will shortly become an emergency that makes the sub-prime mortgage crisis look like the laughable joke is was. (Letting "poor people" think they had a chance at owning some "real" estate... [Snort] That's a good one.)

The tax payers, the little guys, (that me and thee) are about to take it in the shorts because Osama got George's goat. (We went from a budget surplus to trillions in debt over that little debacle. [And don't tell me that Osama's still at large because we can't find him when we can find friggin' Frozen Daquiri mix on friggin' Mars. {Look for Osama to turn up like a bad penny on the first of November.}])

---- "Architecture And Design" by: "amb26"

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---- "Macroarchitecture" by: "Kernel Drop"

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---- "Dancing To Architecture" by: "Tris McCall"


The principle of "Emergence by Emergency" is a phrase used [ ] by "R. Buckminster Fuller." [ ]

The man was one of my childhood heroes, my role model and a brilliant shining example, a star to me to guide my ship of "self" on.

Fuller was devoted, body and mind, soul and spirit, "Jungian" "persōna" and "animus" to doing the most with the least.

The Dymaxion house, car and map, his space spanning structures, his geodesics and the rest of his space enclosing structures are all realizations of extreme of economy. The principles from which these emerge must be and will be adopted, not by us, that would be too much to hope for, but by anyone who follows after us.

R. Buckminster Fuller himself said: "My ideas have undergone a process of emergence by emergency. When they are needed badly enough, they are accepted."

If we're going to move past the petroleum penury, we have got to accept more of the principles that Fuller elucidated.

(By the way, "tonight, June 27, 2008" I'm off to the "Center for Architecture" of the "American Institute of Architects, New York Chapter" to take part in a "Fuller Film Night and Discussion".)

---- "The Architect" by: "The States"


And what the heck was he talking about anyway?

Fuller was older than the motor car, air plane, airship, antibiotic, steroid compounds, radio signal, recorded sound and was involved in the creation, from whole cloth, of much of the advanced features of the modern world.

He predated most of what we take for granted.

The world he lived in was a much bigger one because all of the people in it were much smaller in real and potential reach and influence.

The world he lived in was a much bigger one because "oil" had not risen to prominence.

His strange sounding vision of what the world could be came about partly because he had to coin new words to describe what he saw in his minds eye. (In this he could have used whatever it was that Chaucer and Shakespeare had because, while they re-formed the entirety of the English language from its distinct Saxon overlaid with Latin, French and some Greek roots, he coined words like "dymaxion", "energetic-synergistic geometry", "geodesic", "octet truss" and "tensegrity" with lexical roots as obscure as they are hard to say.)

But he was concerned with making absolutely maximum use of the minimum amount of materials.

Guess what?

In a world without petroleum propping up archaic and inefficient production methods of production and transportatin, there is an emergency which will cause the emergence of many of the visions of R. Buckminster Fuller.

The man's genius had been in abeyance since the second world war, wating for the emergence of the right emergency. He eventually passed before it came, but its here now.

---- "Constant Architect" by: "Lejeune"


The "post petroleum" world is very much going to emerge by emergency.

Its a shame that Fuller didn't live to see his vision of real efficiency in resource usage vindicated, but vindication is truly his.

---- "My Architects - Lists" by: "The Bakers Arms Dozen - A Fierce Panda Collection"


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