Tuesday, June 13, 2006

msb-0025 Another Kind of Grand Tour

Feedback comes first but there was nothing I have any permissions for, except for Johnny Velcro of the PodPyrates Podcast.


I'm a little bit of an astromony geek, so I went on a grand tour of the solar system.

Mercury The Reverse Engineers MERCURY IN RETROGRADE
Venus KCentric Venus
earth berman Fall Off The Earth
mars Bubble Christmas Here on Mars
Jupiter after touch Jupiter Blue
Saturn Alexye Nov Dance Of Life on Saturn
Uranus Marc Gunn Titania, Wake My Sweet Queen (Moon of)
Neptune Brent Pocker Neptune's Water
Pluto Pluto Records HORSE the band / Cutsman

Leave the Kuiper belt objects alone.

Like just don't go there man. Just don't go there.

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