Thursday, June 15, 2006

msb-0026 I Don't Have the Blues, but I play 'em

Johnny Velcro of Pod Pyrates Podcast ( ) is a great and gracious host.

Mostly, he has impeccable taste and does the research necessary to keep crud out of your ears.

I try to, but sometimes, I have to admit, the selection for certain themes is still poor in podsafe music.

You heard part of the intro for his show on my last episode ( msb-0025 The Grand Tour ).

All the song info is in the show notes. The photo or illustration credits are in the show notes. You can pick up the notes at or look for them on the episodes or they are repeated on the lyrics tab in iTunes. (The formatting of little info button on the right of the episode is screwy with HTML tags. Libsyn is aware of the problem. They aren't __doing__ anything but I've made them aware.)

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You may have noticed that the episode ran for nine songs, which is more than a half-hour.

Yup. I've finally switched podcasting platform to break through the 30 minute barrier.

Well, mostly.

I still enjoy recording on my laptop which has a Samson C01U mike hooked up.

As opposed to using the iMac which has an M-Audio MobilePre USB preamp | Audio interface with a pair of AKG C1000S mikes hooked up.

I'm still waiting to record an interview or something that would need my Marantz 670 recorder.

Typical nerd/Boy Scout. All the toys I'm ever likely to need, if the need ever comes up.

I'm off my aging early 2002, 1/2 gig RAM, TiTanium PowerBook and I'm now using my late 2004, 2 gig RAM, G5 iMac.

I've also got a Linux box and a Windows box. They're both using AMD Athlon 64 bit chips and 1+gigs RAM and a storage farm (160, 200, 250, 400 and 400 GB NAS drives).

I don't use those boxes for anything but business.

Its fun being a nerd. I have lots of neat toys.

Well enough with the geek talk.


Some MSBPodcast news. I have just received by corporate seal, incorporation papers and things that you don't need to be bothered about. I opened my bank account so that I can accept money from anybody and write cheques to anybody. The legal structure is slowly comin to completion.


I wish I could still draw.

I've got an idea for a mascot for this corporation. (Sorry Todd and Kim Maffin but "Larry the Lesion" is one ug-ly, repulsive sucker.

And your 'dating tips' for people with MS had to be the most inane piece I'd heard in a long time.

Either MS is not a factor in a relationship because you don't know, or it is because you do know.

If your disease progresses like most peoples you're going to be on the 'dating circuit' at several points in your life, because people with any kind of chronic disease can't keep their partners. It takes a very special person to do that and, frankly, most people aren't that special.

At some point, like when your mobility is permanently affected, you may have to decide to stand on the side lines to avoid getting smacked in the face by a semi.

Harsh, but life shouldnt require that both parners wear rose tinted glasses so dark that its just a shade off of seeing red.)

Anyway, I was talking to you about my idea for a mascot Mascot: Wiki.

Its an upright back cat, wearing a pale linen jacket and leaning on a red cane.

I thought of getting Bill Holbrook of Kevin and Kell ( ) to do it for me because his style of art is great. But what he would charge me sort of put that idea on a back burner.

I had $2.5K to 'waste' on the Amanda Monaco, the Lascivious Biddies supporting the "Walk for MS" thing (which was a rained out mess in a lot of ways,) but I think I'll save the money for the art-work until I actually get some income.


Lets play some Blues.

msb-0026 I don't have the Blues, but I play 'em.

Theme and 'incidental music' from:
"The Universe of the Blue",
by "Ichiro Makagawa",
no album,


Song list:

"Leaving Town Blues",
by "Matt Thorpe",
album: "none",

by "Mike Ratza",
album: "none",

"Down And Out Blues",
by "Ricky Lewis",
album: "none",

"Keep Your Motor Running",
by "Dave Hole",
album: "none",

"New Stagger Lee Blues",
by "Ross Neilsen",
album: "none",

"Amin BAM Blues",
by "Pierre Journel",
album: "none",

"Going Back To Allabama",
by "Siegel-Schwall Band",
album: "none",

"Cold and Blue",
by "Monkeyshine,
album: "none",

"Landlord a my Door",
by "Son Seals,
album: "none",


Photo Credits:

Intro Image:
Photo credit

All the rest are images from:
or from
the artist's website


I'm still rehabbing/redesigning the, web site.

None of the links work right now. (Yes they do. :-)

It should be back in operation by next week. (That what I said last week. Right? :-)

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