Friday, June 23, 2006

msb-0028 Morning mahem & msb-0029 Sounds of Silence 0003

msb-0028 Morning mahem msb-0029 Sounds of Silence 0003

Feedback come first but you didn't send me any.

I'm reminded of a Saturday Night Live skit. I think it was with Bill Murray.

He was hosting a radio call-in show on "Federal Funding of Municipal Bonds".

Needless to say he had no callers. (cricket chirps)

In desperation he changed tack about the topic over and over again, all the way to "Nuns!"


I am getting some feed back and correspondence from potential advertisers; small or family owned businesses who'd do an interview with us about their product or service and get a link on the site for as long as we'd could have a link on their site.

Total cost to them: $0.00. Total cost to us: $0.00.

They get to advertise their product to MSers for however long the show is up, at least weeks, and keep a link on our site to send our visitors to their sites and we get to advertise the podcast to their visitors.

I really need to work on getting that mascot so that my link is distinctive, not obstrusive but distinctive.


The topic last episode was Faces. I went to of course, I get Inside MS like plenty of other MSers.

If anybody wants to see what the weird dude in your ears actually looks like, I included a picture; which you can actually date because it was taken in Central Park during Cristo's "Gates" exposition. is actually an interesting site. Lots of stories to hear, see and read.

But I'm starting to notice that you're mostly younger than me. I'm undecided how I feel about that. Sigh... I'm getting old. Big shock. You get old anyway, no matter what: Tempus Fugit.

But you're all so young and that's a tragedy.

Everybody's smiling in their pictures but I wonder if that's an artifact of having a camera pointed in your face.

I remember a picture of a young woman looking up at a camera with one of those "I'm smiling because you're supposed to smile in pictures" poses, kneeling in the sand on a crowded New York City beach, while her fiancé in the foreground was nearly drowned and was being seen to by paramedics.

It was on the back cover of "Pictures On A Page" by Harold Evans, ISBN: 0-434-90553-4 .

Why was she smiling?


This episode is entitled Morning Mayhem, and or is it because, I've found songs about morning.

I wanted to feature a slice of the calendar, at least the days of the week, but I can't play The Bangles' "Just Another Manic Monday" for you and there aren't enough songs about either months of days yet. It'll have to wait.

Did you like the Grand Planetary Tour of episode msb-0025?

I found music for every planet but one and the missing planets were filled by a sattelite of Uranus, and the last song was produced by Pluto Records.

Lets just listen...

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