Friday, June 30, 2006

msb-0030 4th of July Special

msb-0030 4th of July Special.

Feedback comes first and I got as good as I gave.

I've been in Touch with another podcaster. (Fozzy Bear Yay!)

Travis Goss of the UnRadio Show ( ) hosts a talk type of show. I've just downloaded episode 20. I quite like it and I'm back going for the rest of the episodes.

The show is kind of like OtakuGeneration ( ) but without their focus on Otaku (which is a self-descriptive Japanese term for variety of geek or fanboy/fangirl obsessed with anime and manga).

This show is quite unlike mine, which is in the genre of NoIdleFrets ( ) or the RoadHouse ( ) or even PodPyrates ( ) where the hosts play tunes of the music they like.

He liked my selection of music. What more can I ask for?

Maybe we'll do cross promotion (count on that happening real soon, my late cat Wiki is raring to go,) promos, intros for each other's shows, and maybe we'll do Skype interviews of each other.

Its also encouraged me to get in touch with the PodFather, Adam Curry. (Adam has just lost his mother to lung disease so I'm calling to offer my condoleances. I'll leave off mentionning my show 'till some other day.)

Its how I found out about his show.

Maybe I could reach other listeners.

I have an eclectic style, you never know what you're going to listen to, but I have standards, you know it'll be well played.


Canada's national holiday is on the first of July, but I'm a Joysey Boy now so I gotta wait an extra three days. What can I say?

I wish it was all beer, burgers, and corn on the cob at a tailgate party before the game, but its going to be ninety degrees or more out there and I'm not venturing away from the air conditioner. Heat causes noise on my frayed cabling and I do not need to become spastic (well not any more that I already am.)

Tai Chi helps by the way. I'm not graceful anymore but at least I'm not falling down after the sessions.

I'm not really going to rant on today because its a freakin' holiday.

But watch out for Thursday's show about Harlan Ellison, who almost right, DRM which is almost wrong, and the economics of scarsity, which is plenty screwed up.

But for now lets just enjoy some tunes.

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Falk said...

Thanks for playing All:My:Faults in your Podcast.