Sunday, June 18, 2006

msb-0027 Links and Daisychainsaws...

Feedback come first, but I'm no Adam Curry of the Daily Source Code, Mark Yashimoto Nemcoff of PacificCoastHellway, Johnny Velcro of PodPyrates or Tim Hanson of The Distorted View (or any of the sixty or so other podcasts that I listen to, [three of wich are by MSers, {take THAT mass media }],) so I don't have that much of an audience or, with my focus on MS, even the potential for that much of an audience.

Its still very much of a vanity project on my part ... for now.

At least until the advertising agencies and other media buyers realize that there podcasting is out here and that podcasts like this one are focused on their respective markets.

And they will, partly through the efforts of Adam Curry, Mark Yashimoto Nemcoff, Johnny Velcro and even Tim Hanson with his 'click grid' advertising.


I'm writing these pieces sometimes weeks in advance and editing them to reflect whatever's new or topical.

In my case, its the new equipment and software I'm using to create these podcasts.

But you don't care about that.

Or do you? email me,, or write a comment on the episode, again at, and let me know, or you can write them on the blog which is linked to, again from


This episode is titled Links and Daisychainsaws because we're working to link up with the various print media outlets, with reciprocal links.

Got an MS oriented website? We would love to have a link to you on our website and that you have a link to We'd keep your links as as long as you keep our link up. (Gotta get that mascot for banners and banner ads.)


In other news, I working to start up MSBPodcast en EspaƱol. That would allow Spanish speaking MSers to have a show dedicated to their MS needs and with their music. (At least all the Hispanic music we can find on the Podsafe Music Network.)


I'm reminded of the song "What its Like" by "Everlast". Sadly I can't play it. Thank you RIAA and ASCAP/BMI. Thank you so very fucking much.

Your greed is why artists go unheard and why every body with any special needs are left out in the quiet, lonely cold.


I'm sorry about the stupid souding ad at the end of the podcast. Its got this really brain-damaged sounding announcer, but he means well.

See, they're really trying to get your opinion on whatever the people who are paying them are interested in.

They're offering an iPod nano because your email address as proof of taking the survey is really worth that much to them.

In turn the results they get are really worth that much and more to the the people they represent.

And maybe you can drop them a line and tell them that announcer-voice is a real stupid-sounding insult to anyone with an IQ.

(Actually these kinds of ads are why is running a contest, the Earthlink Challenge, to change the face of advertising at )

We're afflicted by enough in our lives without having to cope with what only an advertising person could think of as acceptable.

Still, you might be interested. (And I might just be interested in steering you that way because of what I might from them.)

And getting some statistics about my audience is an interesting idea. I know you're out there. The show is downloaded.

Since I got MSBPodcast back up and running properly, maybe you'd like to take the audience survey on (And then maybe you could email or use either voice link or Skype to tell me what you think of and about it too.)

I really do care about you and were all MSers in the same boat together.


I don't marry any stupid women.

My wife Lee is out there beating the bushes and talking with people about this site and this podcast.

She's having more success than I am.

She has much better entre-gens than I do.

My wife has finally 'got it', not MS but about MS, and got with the program and the podcast.

We're sending out copies of our 'Magic Bullet' blurb to the companies that want to advertise on this podcast.

She has also come up with how to apply the barter system for small and family owned businesses.

We will feature their content about their product or service on the podcast and keep a link on our website in exchange for a presence from them: a link from their website.

This will not be an endorsement (unless of course I actually use their product,) but their chance to try out an advertisement for no money exchanged and at a minimum expenditure.

They help us with our advertising and we help them with theirs. They establish a persistent presence on our site and we have a persistent presence in return.

You'll get to hear about what's available to you, for your MS.

Instead of just suffering in the silence enforced by the economics of comprising just 0.0833% of the population.

Because, here, you're 100%!

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