Friday, December 07, 2007

msb-0231 Blast my wider conscience.

msb-0231 Blast my wider conscience.


Feedback comes first, so...

Told you I'd resume my little crusade this episode...

Who likes getting jabbed with a hypodermic needle? (Are you going to seek help for that? [Masochism is usually "not" regarded too well in the wider world, {I mean except for religious organizations.}])

I've got the "The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy" blasting through the PC speakers, and, damn if I don't feel responsible for waking you "the fuck up!" (Time shift, now I've got "Mocean Worker" [ ] playing sweet retro jazz as I type this particular edit cycle.)

I know that I'm actually savaging my personal hero, Marshall McLuhan, because he has proved irrelevant in the internet age.

The connectedness that we all feel as MSers it the antithesis of what McLuhan was teaching, indirectly anyway. The mass media is dying the death of a thousand cuts.

I can only wonder what he would have made of "America's Funniest Videos" [ ] when it is juxtaposed, against the anti-democratizing influence of the quasi-infinite bandwidth and asynchrony of the internet and podcasts like this one.

Medium hot? Medium cool? Medium tepid? Lets ask the fuckin' corpse...

Fundamentally it doesn't matter anymore...

It may take twenty years for some little kid to grab the brass ring, (because he still believes in some part of the American dream I guess, [I fervently hope so anyway,]) and stops the senseless killing, the wanton destruction of life as we knew it, and actually tallies things on a spreadsheet that takes more more into account than the mere thirty year appreciation and amortization schedule of the accountants and the other soulless jerks who don't expect any of us to live longer than 30 years. (Shades of "Logan's Run" [ ] or what?)

The curse of "Hope", (the last demon which only "almost" escaped from "Pandora's Box" [ ]) is that it offers us all the possibility that tomorrow won't be made up of the same crap as we put up with today. (And is this a blessing or a curse?)

---- "Smoke and Mirrors Mix" by: "Channel"

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---- "smoking sunshine" by: "the specialist"

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---- "Mother of all Smokescreens featuring George Galloway" by: "Stressbitch"


Lets get the topic back to the large permeable membrane which tobacco manufacturers have been using since the 15th century to hook us to smoking.

Now, I'm not calling these people saints. They have probably been responsible for more deaths from emphysema and cancer than all the wars of the twentieth century managed to kill, (and maybe even more people than Henry Ford killed during the same time.)

But, putting that carnage aside, it was one hell of a good idea. (makes a blowing sound...)

---- "Smoke and Mirrors " by: "Grand Atlantic"


The lungs are an essential component of any earth-bound organism.

I mean, if you're alive, you breathe, right?

Now, the tobacco plant has been totally adulterated with hundreds of compounds from arsenic to zinc, all in the hopes of getting you addicted (as if nicotine wasn't enough,) and they've been amazingly successful in the face of overwhelming evidence from the medical authorities that smoking will fuckin' "kill your ass."

So lets de-construct what has actually been done.

They've managed to cajole, convince and addict us into using the lungs to deliver nicotine and carcinogens into our systems.

Now lets take a closer look...

The lung is a huge permeable membrane capable of letting crap pass into our systems.

Heck, that is its job.

Blood on one side, say side "A".

Air and crap on the other side, say side "B".

Lung in the middle, just doing its job, letting stuff, like oxygen, virii, smoke, shit and, uh, shit, get from side "B" to side "A".

Now, instead of letting William Morris get its way, lets say "we" co-opted the transport mechanism into carrying our medicines into our bodies (instead of relying on hypodermic needles ["YUCK!"] to force the skin to do it for us by using the same mechanisms that the tobacco manufacturers discovered [instead of putting holes in it and causing all kinds of problems for chronic drug therapy recipients.])

Now instead of having to burn crap and inhale it, we could use the same mechanisms that the makers of asthma medicines have been using for years, and just make an inhaler to get the micrograms of drugs into our bodies.

Think of it.

No more creeping ourselves out at the very thought.

No more having to pick a new spot every time because the body knows when you're using it as a pin cushion, and "resents" it.

No more strange bumps, pains, aches, rosacea, cysts and other crap that happens when you try poking holes through your skin. ("Ouch!")

---- "Bomb In A Suede Smoking Jacket" by: "Juliet Hotel"


I wish the drug manufacturers would wake the fuck up and use the existing route to glory and riches that the tobacco industry walked down centuries ago.

I really "resent" having to turn myself into a pin cushion just because of the lack of vision or of imagination of the freakin' drug manufacturers.

---- "Smoke-The-Night-Away" by: "Nathan Anderson"



mdmhvonpa said...

Don't forget how Hollywood managed to glamorize smoking. The agents of death had a support column.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

And don't forget what Humphrey Bogart and Yul Brynner died from.

I sure haven't.

But as a technique for drug delivery... Its ideal.

We're talking about using an inhaler, like the drug companies are already using for asthma medicine delivery.

As far as I know, nobody's died from using an inhaler (though that would make a great script for a murder movie [or for Numb3rs. :-])

Anonymous said...

Open your mind and realize that drug companies aren't looking for a cure, the cure is within you.

Please take a look at

This guy's got some answers.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Normally I'd never let this pass but ...

Take it with a grain of salt... Or two. (The cause of MS is a complex thing because the very use of the word cause is loaded with points of philosophy as well as needles.)

Sincerity does not get you a free pass, but some of the info on your site is sensible.

Keep on keeping on.

Miss Chris said...

Here here! Can I get an AMEN?