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This is episode 2.

There is no feedback as of yet (I'm recording this on Saturday, September 13th, 2008,) not that I'm expecting any because the episodes haven't even aired yet. Get real after all.

Last week was a mishmosh of Chopin and assorted minor hits (Like I just just got winged by Handel man, and it hurts like [bleep]!)

As much as I'd want to do otherwise, I'm supposed to distract you, while not directly engaging your minds in open rebellion and plotting insurection against the "Powers That Be"

(And who said an education was a safe path to knowledge? Not me. [

I'm a child of the 'Sixties when foment and dissent were in the air.{

Which 'Sixties, the nineteen sixties and all those student rebellions that scarred the educational system of France to this day,;

the eighteen sixties with the Civil War, the War of Secession, raging all around claiming lives;

the seventeen sixties and the war of independence giving birth to this very country. (

No, education is never a "safe" path, but it is often is the "only" path to a better tomorrow. :-)}])

We begin with a future classic,

"The Future" by "Leonard Cohen" from the album:"The Future" (6:43)


There still no PSAs.


There's still no promos.


Now... "Adelante la musica"

"Spring (I Allegro) (The Four Seasons; Vivaldi)" by: "Antonio Vivaldi" played by: "Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields, Sir Neville Marriner (Alan Loveday, violin)" from the album: "The Greatest Classical Show on Earth, (Disc 2)" (3:12)

"Concerto in D Minor" by: "Antonio Vivaldi" played from the album: "Vivaldi: 6 Double Concertos" (4:40)

"Sonata fur Arpeggione und Klavier a-moll (D 821)" by: "Schubert" played by: "Misha Maisky" from the album: "Songs Without Words" (4:26)

"Piano Sonata No. 12 in A Flat " by: "Beethoven" played by: "Alfred Brendel" from the album: "Beethoven Piano Sonatas : Alfred Brendel 03/10" (3:38)

"Concerto for Guitar and Small Orchestra" from the album: "Guitar Concertos" (4:38)

"Op. 115 in B Minor" by: "Brahms" played by: "Stoltzman & Tokyo String Qt" from the album: "Clarinet Quintets" (13:19)

"Conterto for guitar and strings in D Major RV 93" from the album: "Guitar Concertos" (2:42)

"Concerto No. 3 in G major, K. 216" by: "Mozart" from the album: "The 5 Violin Concertos (Disc 2)" (9:12)

"Concerto in D Major" by: "Vivaldi" from the album: "Vivaldi: 6 Double Concertos" (3:07)

"The Neighbour's Dance" played by: "Allicia de Larrocha, Tereza Berganza" from the album: "Noches en los jardines de EspaƱa" (time)


I still have no idea what's coming up next because, the schedules still hadn't been finalized by the time this show was prepared.

This is being recorded Friday, September 13, 2008.

The show notes incuding the complete text of this episode and any and all links to the artists featured, are at

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