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Halloween Theme Song

Halloween Theme


This is episode 13. On a spooky Friday... Haloween...

We're now near real time but I'm going to the same halloween parties you are so in order to entertain myself as well as other stoons, this show is being recorded on Thursday night.

I intend to eat, drink and make merry for tomorrow we die. Mouahaha ha, ha,

second track:
*hack*, *cough* *wheeze*

Ha ... ha ... choo!

Igor And shut those damn werewolves up, will you?

Igor: Dang, I told 'em to sweep the cobwebs into this place and let the dust of the ages settle.

But no. It has to be done right away.

Like now Igor.

Hop to it Igor.

I never get to ...


Well, thanks anyway Igor.

( I'll never let him pick the music. Have you ever hear a Transylvanian Rapper.

What they lack in musical talent, they make up for in sheer excruciating lyrical dis-ability.

They GAVE lessons to the Vogons who are now the third worst poets in the multiverse.


And as is my wont, (as opposed to my won' t,) I'm starting this show with something that may yet be popular.

"Toccata och fuga i d-moll, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor BWV565" by "J.S. Bach" here on WSPCs ThymeWarp.


We got PSAs:


Campus Safety urges students, faculty and staff to sign up for text alerts, online @

This will be used to inform students, faculty and staff in an emergency.

This was useful last year in the bomb scare.

To sign up, students must know their Spirit ID # (Bring their Saint Peter's College ID.)


BED: "The Stars and Stripes Forever" by: "John Philip Sousa"

Don't forget to get out and vote!

Do your patriotic duty.

And remember, you can be a liberal Republican or a conservative Democrat.

The politics don't have a thing to do with the parties.

You could even be, , a free thinking independent.

Just go out and vote.


There are still no prerecorded promos, well except for "moi."

bed: Oilsands by John Jack

Tuesdays at 5 at WSPC:

"Peak Oil" , what it is, what it means to us all (and believe me it does, if you thought that 4.00 a gallon gasoline was bad, (and don't let the pre election slump and sag fool you,) the price of oil will reveal just how incomodious a commodity it is.

I'll be featuring podsafe music so I can retransmit them on a full-blown podcast, with an RSS feed, on iTunes without having to pay my soul out to the RIAA.


The music for this show is "all over the place and the purely classical theme of this show has been drop kicked in the fork and sent packing to the netherworld, .

Igor: Master, master, can I read a poem?

Master: Must you?

Its just a short little tiny one.

"See, see the dead sky
Marvel at its big puce depths.
Tell me, Eugene do you
Wonder why the lung fish ignores you?
Why its foobly stare
makes you feel bright.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your specious facial follicular growth
That looks like
A fractal ligonberry.
What's more, it knows
Your sprat potting shed
Smells of grape.
Everything under the big dead sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You only charm rancid milk."


Oh for Bram Stoker''s sake. Don't encourage him.

He'll be all "Titus Andronicus" for most of next week.

Ah, well ... Let the beatings begin...

"Adelante la musica"

Streaming here on WSPC's Thyme Warp

"Toccata and Fugue in D Minor BWV565" by "J.S. Bach" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp

"Haloween Mistake" by "CanTrip" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp

"Halloween" by "Fishing For Comets: here on WSPC's ThymeWarp

"Halloween Girl" by "Ghosts On The Radio" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp

"Halloween" by "Coffin Shakers" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp

"Halloween" by "Retail" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp

"Ghost With The Most" by "B Movie Brits" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp

"Closer To The Animal" by "AliMan" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp

"Ghost Of A Band"by "THE RAILS" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp

"Im not very good at being scary" by "gilly slinn" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp

"Scary Guy" by: "Maria Danes" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp

"Fearful" by "Hungry Lucy" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp

"Fear of Reason" by "Lumberjack Mafia" here on WSPC's ThymeWarp


The show notes, incuding the complete text of this episode, and any and all links to the artists featured, are on a server ... somewhere.

And this show is also being podcast in m4a format, which means that it you use a compatible player, like iTunes, you get the content divided up into chapters with images and "hot links" to the the web, on the topic of the chapter or to accompany the music.

You can send me feed back. suggestions, or just some sign that there anybody actually outside the studio.

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