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This is episode 4.

Okay, we're now in near real time.

First lemme apologize for the level or timing flubs the last few shows.

I'm not used to the production mechanism here at WSPC so... I screwed it up a bit.

But this show should be okay.

What would life be without the occasional embarrassment, the episodic humiliation and total degradation of, me, your obviously inept and amateurish host, for these little soiree forays into classical moosica.

One of the reasons I love education is its a chance to screw up without having to face the wrath of a big man, his cheap necktie all askew, steam coming out of his ears, his florid face sputtering out in a scream that: I'll "never woik in dis town agin. Ya hear?"


We begin with a future classic, and with this I hope to show that classical music doesn't have to be deadly dull and like watching oil paint dry.

Its called "Under the Rug" by "Digital Droo" off the album: "Active Lancer Original Soundtrack"


There's still no PSAs.

C'mon folks...

Somebody somewhere must have something they want me to say about their wonderful program, or something...


There's still no promos.

Well, screw it down and let the winds have at it.

Here's my 4 promos:


I'm in a mood for strings, as opposed to woodwinds or brass. (I used to be a classical guitarist in my misspent yout', so you're gonna be hearing some; played by "Andres Segovia", no less.)

Now... "Adelante la musica"

"Andante sostenuto" from the
Concerto No.2 G minor"
by "Arthur Rubinstein and Wallenstein"
from an album called: "Symphony of the Air"

"adantino Variato"
by: "Paganini-Ponce"
played by:"Andrés Segovia"
from the album: "The Romantic Guitar"

"Sarabande" from "Three Pieces For Violin"
by: "Bach"
played by:"Andrés Segovia"
from the album "The Segovia Collection (volume 1)

"Chaconne" also
by: "Bach" also
played by:"Andrés Segovia"
from the album "The Segovia Collection (volume 1)

"Allegro" movement from the
"Concerto 2 for two cellos and orchestra in G minor"
by "Antonio Vivaldi"
from an album called "Best of Baroque"

"Symphony No.6"PASTORALE" / Happy feeling aroused on arriving in the country" (which should tell you something about German to English translators)
by: "Beethoven" of course,
conducted by "Arturo Toscanini"
fron an album of "Beethoven Symphonies"


I'm almost resinged to the fact that classical record companies never do the MP3 tags properly. Almost...

The show notes incuding the complete text of this episode and any and all links to the artists featured, are on a server, somewhere.

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