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msb-0160 Unforgettable Mess

msb-0160 Unforgettable mess


----"Taxi Driver" by: "Bus Stop Stallions"

Feedback comes first, so...

In "msb-0157 The FuMP, just for fun" I wrote that I didn't like musical theater.

That's not quite right.

I can truly appreciate when its done it its proper setting; that means in a theater, with actors who can sing or singers who can act.

(Not with people who are merely doing something like my wife's cousin and her husband do, which I must say I am quite ambivalent about

[I mean they're obviously having a lot of fun doing it, {but I'd hardly want to be subjected to their caterw.., uh, singing, (yeah ... lets be kind and call it singing,) on a regular basis.}])

When its just audio and out of the setting, the context, without the rest of the experience, it can be disconcerting (an apt choice of word :-) since the experience that they are reliving is not a shared one.

(There... I've "explained myself" ... satisfied? :-)

---- "Tramp Taxi" by: "Bramboline"

Feed Forward comes next, so...

This is "your" segment.

Say "your" piece on this segment.

Share with other MSers whatever "you" want to share.

---- "Black Galactic Taxicab" by: "Alex Brumel"

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Main Topic: "Unforgettable Mess"

Back on "msb-0154 Memories" I wrote/spoke that we transfer things from short term memory to long term memory using a very simple structure in the lower brain.

As it turns out the New Scientist has an article [ ] "Forgetfulness is a tool of the brain" which confirms the process and provides a reason for it:

"Whenever you’re engaging in remembering, the brain adapts. It’s constantly re-weighting memories," says Kuhl. "... we see it reverse memory to weaken competing memories. This is something that probably happens a lot in the real world."

A good example is the confusion that arises when we change passwords on our computers or email accounts. We often mix up old and new passwords at first, but through repetition we develop a strong memory of the new password and forget the old one.

"The process of forgetting serves a good functional purpose," says Michael Anderson of the University of Oregon, US, who was not involved in the study. "What these guys have done is clearly establish the neurobiological basis for this process."

Memory is an active thing, which might be why I am always forgetting people's names.

The people have changed in my perceptions of them since the first time I initially heard their name.

(Okay. I'll admit that its a cop-out for me because I'm always forgetting people's names as long as I am just learning about them.

[That's why I write such good emails. It's a way of getting people's names in "muscle memory," which gives me another path to recalling their monikers. As long as my memories of people keep changing, {which is what really happens when you first meet them,} I really have to come up with alternate neural pathways to "retrieve/recall" their names,

{like "Christine" who is the head of my MS support group, as opposed to names of childhood friends, like to "Jose Peto," whom I haven't seen in many, many decades and who's neural representation of his name hasn't changed since grade school because that's when we lost track of each other.}])

---- "Lime Green Taxi" by: "Cassandra Kubinski"

Main Topic, part deux:

Now if only I could "stop" remembering every embarrassing, dumb, bone-headed thing I've ever done in my life.

Then again, it informs me and usually doesn't clutter my judgment that badly and may even stop me from putting my foot too deep in my mouth.

I guess its all good.

Being "eloquent with rage" might be very satisfying to the soul, but its very unsatisfying to the bank account, or to the cash flow. Plus you get a reputation as a "hot head."

---- "Born in a taxi" by: "Blk Sonshine"


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