Tuesday, June 12, 2007

msb-0164 Self-diagnosis and other difficulties.

msb-0164 Self-diagnosis and other difficulties.


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Main Topic: "Self-diagnosis and other difficulties."

You know I have some real problems with self-diagnosis.

Its worse than representing yourself in court, where you have a jackass for a lawyer and an ass-hole for a client.

We often know better than we can describe what our symptoms are, but are they the symptoms or are they the symptoms of something deeper...

The issue is that MS affects the Central Nervous System. (Its an auto-immune disease but our nervous system is the thing under erroneous attack [When its our joints, we call that some form or other of "arthritis".])

As such we can't trust what our body is actually telling us. (Phantom sensation)

Nor can we trust that it will hear what we tell it and then do what we thought we told it to do. (Spasticity)

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Main Topic, part deux:

Another complication about diagnosing MS is that MDs, even specialists, are full of knowledge but they are not necessarily any better at thinking than we are.

They expect the patients to describe their symptoms and then they apply "heuristics" (that's a fancy Greek word for "rules of thumb",) to treat the symptoms they heard described.

But they are human beings like the rest of us and not used to, (or in some cases, not capable of,) dealing with unintentional misdirection.

The result is all those friggin' misdiagnoses.

Here's another fancy Greek word: "Stochastic". That means "Guessing".

I would suspect that the average MD is like the average human being in that he really doesn't like to guess at anything (He's got the degrees to "know" what's wrong, right?) As such, he makes a lousy diagnostician.

What's wrong with us, with MS, is "never" reflected in our symptoms.

(I can just imagine walking into a clinic and telling a doctor that I am having trouble with a lesion in my lower brain. The doctor would look at me, nod gravely, make sympathetic noises, and whisper to the guys with the valium and the rough white coat with the long sleeves and leather straps to stand by ... close by.)

Because of MS's differential functionality in an algebraic world, having MS sucks from the ground up.

Its a bitch to describe because there are no directly describable symptoms.

It requires diagnosis from a professional neurologist.

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Miss Chris said...

It's proven to me on a regular basis that I have more MS knowlege than my neuro. Pretty sad, isn't it?

Charles-A. Rovira said...

I can only say, I'm not surprised.

Then again we all have to fill the cinder block between our ears with all sorts of crap.

I tons of useless shit, useless to anybody who isn't an uber-geek, but very essential to me.

I describe MS as a differential calculus problem in an linear,algebraic world, (but your neuro sounds like a real arithmetic thinker. [He doesn't sound like he's got the diagnostic instinct. {A real common problem.}])