Sunday, June 10, 2007

msb-0163 Johnny Nicholas

msb-0163 Johnny Nicholas


Through the wonder that is the PMN, the Posdsafe Music Network, I just discovered a blues artist that I just "love".

----"Sleeping With the Devil" by: "Johnny Nicholas"

Feedback comes first, so...

There's isn't any.

We'll see if that situation remains the same after my ad for appears in "MS Insider" :-)

I have now reached over 12,000 downloads, so I know that people are downloading the shows...

---- "Mandolin Boogie" by: "Johnny Nicholas"

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This is "your" segment.

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---- "Phonograph Blues" by: "Johnny Nicholas"

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---- "Johnnys Deathray Boogie" by: "Johnny Nicholas"

Main Topic: "Johnny Nicholas"

From the bio for the album "Broke Again":
"Since the mid-Sixties, Johnny Nicholas has been playing the blues from both coasts, as well as points in between. During that time he has enjoyed apprenticeships with some of the music's most revered names, and he has taken a decade-long hiatus to raise a family and build up its Hill Top Café in the Central Texas Hill Country."

This guy's got the chops to play the blues; know what I mean?

---- "Teardrops On My Windowpane" by: "Johnny Nicholas"

Main Topic, part deux:

He's got lots of music out on "Top Cat Records" [ ] and if ever somebody deserved to be heard, its him.

If you too like what he's got to play and like the licks and riffs the man is laying down, go to "Top Cat Records" [ ] and buy his albums.

He's got four albums there:
  • "Broke again,"
  • "Livin' With the Blues,"
  • "Thrill on the Hill,"
  • "Rockin' my Blues to Sleep."

If you want to read the liner notes to know who "Floyd" is and who are some of the other collaborators on the albums I've featured on this episode, like the woman who sings on this next, last song, you should go and buy the albums. :-)

---- "Woke Up Screamin" by: "Johnny Nicholas"

"Johnny Nicholas", you da man!



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Charles-A. Rovira said...

Jeremy Machet is collecting sponsors for his read-a-thon for MS Australia.

Won't you contribute to his efforts?

mdmhvonpa said...

.083% ... grrr.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Is it any wonder that MS doesn't make a ripple in the media.

Only one person out of twelve hundred gets MS.

Lets be glad its not more.

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