Wednesday, June 06, 2007

msb-0161 Latin Beats

msb-0161 Latin Beats


This episode features all Spanish music.

There's method to my sudden madness.

(Okay, its not so sudden. People have been saying I'm as "mad as a hatter" for years. :-)

----"Breezer" by: "easyflow"

Feedback comes first, so...

My home server has gotten updated so that I can accept files from my contributors. At least its working for me but there seems to be some problems with the FTP clients on their machines which has to be solved though. (I also bought a UPS which will take care of some fragility problems, updated the Linux to use the newest kernel and a whole bunch of software. Man my room temperature box is running "HOT!")

On other news; my show is showing a definite uptake from within [ ].

For some reason, (okay, its because I don't beat people over the head with MS, but I do feature well put together shows,) people seem to appreciate the shows and the music selections.

---- "La Salsa" by: "Don Betto"

Feed Forward comes next, so...

This is "your" segment.

Say "your" piece on this segment.

Share with other MSers whatever "you" want to share.

---- "Cada Dia" by: "Josh Lopez"

Feed Me comes third, so...

Do you have a therapy, product, good or service that is of interest to MSers?

Consider advertising on this podcast.

Reminders on this segment only cost $0.03 per reminder per download of an episode. (A $30CPM targeted at MSers.)

It can/should lead to a full ad, in text, audio or video, which costs $3.00 per download.

That sounds expensive until you do the math and realize that if nobody downloads it it costs you nothing, unlike print, where you often can't even get an ad in to the specialized journals, or radio or TV where you'd just be wasting your money with the 0.0833% MSers rate of return. (That's about six times "below" the level of "statistical noise".)

But MSBPodcast is 100% in your market, and you only pay per download of your material.

No play, no pay.

Reach the MSers who would buy your therapy, product, good or service, with-out having to waste your advertising money on anyone who is "not" interested...

Send me an email at: charles (at)

---- "Vencedora" by: "Jessica Smith-Wright"

Main Topic: "Latin Beats"

I'm still on the look out for international contributors who want to get into podcasting.

I'm willing to pay for a USB mike and podcasting software for French, German and Spanish speaking people (with MS of course) and host their shows on MSBPodcast so they get picked up on iTunes and the share in free subscriptions we are able to pick up from any advertising f orMSBPodcast. (I'm even willing to share my format, convert their 'casts from MP3 to m4a so that they can have some verifiable way to out any MS related ads in their own languages.)

The MSer support group meeting was last Wednesday (yesterday as I write this) and one of the topics of conversation was about how hard it is to do outreach to the Spanish communitiy because, while we may be united by a common disease, we are separated by language.

---- "Bay of Pigs" by: "rough sax"

Main Topic, part deux:

There's a world of music out there and a world of MSers whom we should be serving in our own way by giving them music and hope (As in "I hope that this or that product, therapy, good or service works for you to alleviate this disease and its symptoms".)

We can't depend on mass media to even tell us the truth with the news, never mind about stuff specifically for us MSers, (since we're a really niche market with only 0.0833% of the mass market out there.)

This podcast is my own answer to this need.

"Note to potential advertisers:"

I like Adam Curry's recent realization about podcasting. I'm paraphrasing rather than quoting here but:
Think of "pod-casting" as a sort of "Internet Radio" (the "'casting" part) which puts the audience in control of the where (the "p" in "pod"is short for "portable",) and of the when, (the "od" in "pod" is short for "on-demand" .)

They can "tune it in", whenever they want to, where ever they happen to be, using whatever device/delivery mechanism they like.
MSBPodcast can have text (in pdf files,) pictures (in jpeg files,) audio (in mp3 & m4a files,) and/or video (in m4v & m4p files) with URL links to an advertiser's web site, delivered to the audience's desktops or to their mp3 players (like Apple's iPod, or the Zen Stone, or the Sandisk Sansa Express, or the Cowon D2, or Samsung's YP-T9J.)

Unlike broadcast radio, where your message falls on deaf ears far more often than not, the audience is "self-selecting".

The ads are reaching "only" people who are interested.

The advertising model used on this podcast guarantees you that you only pay for "actual hits", unlike paying for broadcast media where the audience may be otherwise engaged and not paying attention to your message or not be interested at that moment.

---- "Tango In F" by: "rough sax"


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