Tuesday, August 01, 2006

MSB-0040 Gawd its HOT!

MSB-0040 Gawd its HOT!

Feedback comes first, but its a two way street.

And I'm too pooped to give any back.

Its too friggin' HOT!


Right on Mark Yashimoto Nemcoff.

I am a disabled podcaster.

Like, who else has the time to devote to doing this shit right? Right?

But that's not the way to start an email which has nothing what-so-ever to do with, about, for or even against, disability.

Its a non-sequitur of the worst kind.

I am a disabled podcaster, but my podcasts aren't disabled.

And for doing such a great job on "Shadow Falls", [munk] and you get the first tune on my show, 'I am, Molly's theme.'


I'm not even going to try to get to work today.

I'll handle the conference call from home; within feet of my A.C. (The hallway betwen the office and the rest of the condo, like the bathroom, is a steamy hell, and so is the rest of the condo.)

I'd melt into an uncoordinated pile of spasms before I'd ever get to the corner to wait for a bus.



You don't seriously expect me to drive a car in Manhattan, do you?

In Manhattan?

I'd spend my life in the car, driving in circles looking for parking and burning up the planet's fossil resources.

Not to mention then paying more to rent some "air rights," for my car, for a day, than my entire first apartment used to cost me for a month. And that included water, heat and electricity!

In New York all I get is the least open space posible under dirty concrete slab with some hot and cold unidentified running rodents (or, with apologies to Harry Harrison, was that really just a roach I saw, or was that merely the size of a small "Stainless Steel Rat"?)


"What about taking a cab, ya cheap bastard?"

Its easy to see you've never tried waiting for a cab in Jersey City, where I actually make my domicile.

"He'll be there in five minutes" gets real old when you've been waiting there for half an hour and have heard that repeated half a dozen times.

And, like the cabs are air conditionned?

I could get in, cane and all, but I'd have to be unstuck off the dark sun soaked vynil, like an egg fried in an old fashioned iron skillet, and poured out onto the pavement.

Screw that.

I'm just going to go and soak my weary butt in the tub or standing in the shower and cool off.


Have any of you gone and checked out a Crazy Chicks blog site? (The links are all in the show notes, folks; all in the show notes.)

I'm still waiting for Carlo Magno to get better, he's actually healing up right now, and to get going again. (I hope he's got enough brain to wait until its a bit cooler, Hell! A lot cooler.)

I'm still going to ChefsForMS. (And no, I don't get sea sick.) September 25th.

I know its not going to be the dreaded conference food meal of "chicken in ichor".


You're getting five short shows this week rather than the two longish ones.

We'll see how the stats react. You do know that you can download more than one episode, right?

And that you can set your RSS downloaders to getch all unseen/unheard episodes, right? Its a podcast. You can play it any ol' time.

Actually, I heard Adam Curry say something that really gives me pause. (My stats look like a saw with little predictibility from episode to epipsode.)

Adam said that he has seen his stats exhibit hat behavior and that the show notes were the culprit.

If they read like he had intetesting content, the show was downloaded.

If the website read like the show was going to be, uh, boring, people weren't downloading the episode. (Why waste the time on the wire if you aren't going to listen to it? Right?)


You know I used to wonder how I would fill the time but that has turned out not to be a problem. And I'm having so much fun.

(Now if only I could get my ass to a speech therapist and see if they can do something about my degenerating delivery.)

And an email would be very much appreciated charles@MSBPodcats.com

C'mon folks. Don't be shy. I don't names unless I have to. (Hey! Do want an Alias? Like an Otaku name?)

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