Thursday, August 03, 2006

msb-0042 Broken.

msb-0042 Broken.

The heat has broken ... sort of/

Its only, only, eighty five here in Noo Joysey.

So all the songs are all about broken things.

Instead of getting up to record temperature, like in the triple digits, its only getting to eighty five. It still stinks.


Yesterday, something came across my 'junk' email inbox folder that caught my eye as I was deleting the usual messages with misspelt subject lines and the other dross that is immediately recognizable as Spam. (Hint to the clients of the loathesome spammers: 'Guess where your shit ends up, unread. I don't care how little it costs, you're still getting ripped off. Fuckin' fools...)

It was about Pat Buchanan's book: "State Of Emergency."

He is so wrong about why civilizations decline that its actually funny, funny, funny.

He thinks, if his xenophobic ranting can be called thought, that immigration will cause the decline and fall of "Imperium Americana" and that the 'States will decline because "we're letting in all these foreigners."

What kind of person call himself Pat? Am I supposed to think of a kindly, wise old man patting a puppy? He's more likely to yell al it until it either piddles on the carpet or jumps up and goes for his jugular. (Go doggie!)

Civilizations have all declined mostly because of changes to the environment in which they arose in the first place.

Changes to the water table have been behind the fall of civilizations from Angkor Wat, the empty palaces of ancient India, Kampucia the Middle East, places like Babylon, Ur, Sumer, the Hittites, the list goes on, to dozens of European Civilizations from Frisia to Gaul, to the dozens of empty cities in South, Central and even North America.

If you want a recent example, Nor'Leens is but a falling shadow of its former self. If it wasn't for the highway system it would be emptying down to sustainable level of population.

Basically the coastal wetlands had been starved for new soil by the very act of building the levees along the Mississippi, and them those levees failed.

Lets see him blame THAT on "them damn foreigners."


I'm still following Carlo Mano.

I'm still going to ChefsForMS.

I'm still promoting One Crazy Chick.


I'm still on about podcasting as the newest media because it IS.

Where else are you going to hear this next song?


Four broken records (sorry, bad pun) and they're "Not On The Radio."

That's it for me 'cause I got to get to work and then to Tai Chi.

Enjoy and have a good week-end.


Miss Chris said...

So tell me, I've heard from a few people that Tai Chi would be the way for me to go if my MS keeps me out of karate. What is your opinion on that? I love the hard-core style of American Kenpo but obviously the abuse to my body probably isn't a good thing for my disease?. Thanks again for promoting my blog!

Charles-A. Rovira said...

I love Tai Chi. I have derived a lot o benefit from it. I always feel energized and relaxed at the same time after the sessions.

While I would recommend it to anyone, I would check with a physiotherapist first to see if it might be contra-indicated for any reason.

Since you're into karate, you might find the pace quite slow. Its all about grace and flow. (Though some of the routines will leave you hurting, but it a good way. :-)