Monday, August 28, 2006

msb-0058 I feel super today. Go figure?

msb-0058 I feel super today. Go figure?

I have no idea what bug got up my ass last episode, but it was bad.

The music was a reflection of that of course.

It wasn't bad as far as music goes but I was barely in any mood to enjoy it.

There's not much feedback.

You folks are not heeding my whining, uh, wheedling, uh, begging, uh, pleading, uh, requests to get in touch.

Remember, you can email me, voice mail me, subscribe with iTunes, and leave me messages on an episode you liked (or didn't like,) all on the page at


I'm going to a church group's art exhibition. I've even taken an ad for in the program.

Bet you never thought of me as a patron, eh?

I would surprise you with the arts I've supported over the years: photography, Japanese print making, guitar, sculpture, architecture (I've had the chance to mess with house designs before the buildings' were even framed. That's great fun. And if you get to it early enough, you can really mess with a contractor's head.)

I'm still going to Chefs or MS.

The booze was ordered, delivered and divied up into decorative baskets, ready to be given away (I'll try not to sob too loudly as the bottles get wrenched from my grasp.)


One Crazy Chick is still blogging away, writing interesting things that I suggest you go and read.


I'm a little pissed-off at Tod and Kim Maffin for the state of the Canadian based "Multiple Sclerosis Podcast," which seems to have lapsed into limbo for over a month now.

C'mon, give us some news. I can put shows twice a week and video, you should be able to give us some word. It's not just about the MS. We care about how Kim's doing.

I'm still waiting for Lee to get through the good goctor's book so I can at last read it.


Speaking of books, I've finished with the book by Pema Chödrön. She is a fascinating writer. But I'm thinking that she is blessed with insights into the human condition that are way, way beyond what I can muster.

I'm just an ol' classical/rocker dude with a brain, that's had time to figure some things out.

MS gives you plenty of time when you have to occupy your mind with something, anything ... and playing hockey or even billiards is right out just at that moment.

Well it certainly gave me pause. Lets hope it never happens to you.

The links are all in the show notes (and this time I'm making it easier than ever for you web downloaders. I've noticed that a fair percentage of you come to the show from web browsers (though this could/should work on anything that's actually connected to the web.)


Today I have just got back from the dentist for my quarterly exam and teeth cleaning. Luckily, I don't have anything wrong with them. Luck has nothing much to do with it really.

Brushing everyday does. I'm not obsessive about my teeth but I do take care of them.

I had lousy teeth while I has growing up and through my teens and twenties. Soft enamel, mostly because Montréal mayors are congenital idiots who are against fluoridation.

Fuck Gordon Sinclair, his comparing fluoridation to pouring rat poison in the water and his communist plot theory.

He's dead, Communism's dead in North America, and my teeth are much better since I moved away from a city where right-wings bigots ruled. I'd like to kick him in the crotch until he had a new set of tonsils for the years of agony my teeth caused me.

I had the disposition of a sour ol' rat, or Gordon Sinclair, until I hit Ottawa. Chronic pain does that to you.

Luckily, I found a dentist's dentist when I got to Otawa and my disposition improved in direct proportion to my dentition. By the end of it, I'd fall asleep in the chair. I've found another one since, on Wall street. He costs the earth but he's worth every dime of it. I fall asleep in his chair too.

Some MSers have the same kind of chronic pain because their incoming sensory nerves have been affected.

Those people are constantly afflicted with strange symptoms, phantom pain and those effects are the primary reason MS sems so mysterious. What, uh, hurts, is not what should hurt.

I've been blessed, if such a phrase can apply when discussing my MS, with all of my sclera affecting only my effector or volitional nerves.

While walking is now a big time waster, at least it doesn't hurt; well not me anyway. If you're waiting for me to get somewhere, its a big pain in the ass.


Super Creep by Steve Doctor reminds me of a SlyRob animated video that's buried somewhere on my iPod; SuperThruster I seem to remember it was called.

Maybe I can get clearance from them and play it for you. But don't hold your breath. I've been turned down plenty of times, by plenty of people.

"Oh we don't own the rights to that anymore. Its the record company's now."

And the record companies want money. Now I could even pay ASCAP/BMI, and pay the recording company, (just because you've paid ASCAP/BMI doesn't mean you in the clear with the RIAA, you also have to pay the record company,) and get caught in the reporting trap.

Kee-rist! The record contacts might be merely complicated but the reproduction contracts and labyrinthine. Since podcasts are stored until played (and even after) they're considered reproductions of the original.

And notice the artist has been entirely forgotten at this point. There are plenty of ways for an artist to get totally screwed when the original performance is captured, at their expense of curse, and the captured performance is copied onto new media, like going from record to cassette, to CD, to DVD.

When you die, or when you just get weak and end up in an old artists' home, your recordings get sold to a bunch of dentists in Oakland or Omaha or somewhere; and you end up listening to your young self on some late night movie commercial; while you're laying there on the couch, up all night, worrying about how you're going to pay for hemmorhoid cream (and we all know who gave you the flaming hemmorhoids don't we?)

No ... I'm not bitter.

I'm fuckin pissed off is what I am.

Still, its just sour grapes, since I can't play anymore.

But I can podcast.


nyscof said...

Fluoridation is ineffective at reducing tooth decay, harmful to health and a waste of money

New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.

Fluoridation News Releases

Tooth Decay Crises in Fluoridated Areas

Fluoride Action Network

Miss Chris said...

I'm happy to read you are feeling super! I too have days when I just want to rant like you did the other day. It kinda makes you feel good to get all that poison out of your body. Speaking of phantom pains...I get them all the time. They usually come on much like I imagine a stabbing must feel like. So fast they make me jump. Quite interesting when in the presence of someone who knows nothing about M.S. They just look at me like I'm a bit nutty when I jump out of my seat.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

nyscof, you may believe what you read but I believe, how bad my teeth were before I left there, how bad the reputation of Montreal is amongst dentist and how good I felt.

Anecdotal I know but a valid opinion none the less.

By the way, do you use fluoridated toothpaste?

Why would you want to if its like pouring rat poison in our water.

But then why are most toothpastes fluoridated?

Oh lord is it some world-wide conspiracy? :-)

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Hello Miss Chris,

yeah, I ranted and raged. But, luckily, it never lasts long.

Phantom pains are the most difficult part or aspect of MS.

Not only are you experiencing pain but doctors are experienced at dealing with symptoms in a very straight forward manner and at applying very straight forward solutions.

You only get diagnosed AFTER other approaches to 'treat' the symptoms have presented 'problematic' responses.

Given your physical conditioning and martial arts training, I'd be very leery of you getting a sharp stabbing pain next to me because I like my windpipe WITHOUT sharp elbow marks. :-)

Stay hale...