Tuesday, August 22, 2006

msb-0057 I'm rightously angry an' I don't know why.

msb-0057 I'm rightously angry an' I don't know why.

there's no feed back this episode because I'm to stinkin' angry.

I've got a hard rock, metal edge to me.

If I had any damn balls I'd play "Iron Man" by Black Sabath or "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winters.

Don't worry RIAA and ASCAP/BMI, you're not coming after me yet ... you cock-biters.

I'm pissed off at the world today.

I feel abused, bemused, disused, fused, misused, rused, underused and generally fucked over; like the whole planet is lining up to piss down my throat.

I feel like kickin' butt and takin' down names. And wouldn't you know it, my penmanship stinks and my printer's fresh outta ink.

The songs on the podcast are all about machines and they're all fuckin' rock. Ya hear! Rock.

I'm out here trying to play nicey-nicey, trying not rile too many feathers and try to sweet talk advertisers into this fly-by-wire internet concept but I'm getting fed up with being nice.

No I'm not going to explain or otherwise go into the psychotropic or mood altering effects of MS (and there must be some explaining to do because most of us MSers have an unnatural cheerfulness about this disease despite everything we experience and learn about it.)



I know I'm the wrong man in the right place at the right time, trying to do the right job.

But nobody else see this idea, this meme, this presentation of a new reality yet.

Except for Acura, Adam Curry, EarthLink, GoDaddy, Kiptronics, LibSyn, LimeLight Networks, Podshow, and a handfull of others.

Unfortunately, that handful are not making products for MSers.

Oh no-o!

Those airheads are happy passing the cost of the advertising and shipping onto us.

'Cause you know who gets it in the shorts, doan'tcha?

We're just the sickies who pay for it all.

We must be sick, in the head, 'cause we're paying for it all.

Today I'm going to rock out because I just fuckin' feel like it.


I hadn't checked my Frapper Map in donkey's years.

When I did I found a few more people including somebody from Wellington NZ.

Kewl. That's what I call international distribution.

Feel free to add yourselves on it. The link's on the MSBPodcast,com page.

If your PC's got a microphone, drop me a voice mail with Odeo. The link's on the MSBPodcast,com page.

Feel free to take the little survey. The link's on the MSBPodcast,com page.

Feel free to drop me a email at charles at MSBPodcast.com. The link's on the MSBPodcast,com page.

Feel free to keep on downloading the episodes, or maybe subscribing on iTunes. The link's on the MSBPodcast,com page.

Feel free to tell a fellow MSer about the site, about the podcasts.


I've figured something from watching my stats very closely, almost in-real time, as people were picking up the show.

A great many of you are picking up with iTunes (the recommended way as far as I'm concerned,) but you've got it set to pickup the latest episode and not set to pickup all new episodes.

Now a few of you have the video, (specially msb-0053 HealthClubCommercial, eh?), but not the audio.

Oops, I see a lot of web download of the health club ad.

Fuck the FCC, eh?

You're catching the babe with ass-cheeks so firm she can crack nuts with 'em. Right on!

Sex still sells even when we're as likely to get a babe like that as we are to run a mile in the blazing sun.

Now that explains some of the characteristics of the stats and I'll have to remind you to check the episode list and pick up on things you might have missed.

Go and push the damn (GET) button, won't 'cha?

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