Wednesday, July 04, 2007

msb-0170 I love it when things work

msb-0170 I love it when things work


---- "Blue Genes" by: "George Hrab"

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---- "Thank You for Calling" by: "George Hrab"

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---- "Moses and Morty" by: "George Hrab"

Main Topic: "I love it when things work"

They so rarely do, do they...

Well this 4th of July holiday, my friend Eugene (I'll return to his unfortunate name in part two,) fixed my system which had suffered a kind of meltdown.

If you've been paying attention, (how likely is that, eh? :-) you know that that I had upgraded my system with an Un-interruptible Power Supply (UPS) and new hardware and software. My system was happily humming along, and then limping along, and then I suffered a loss of connectivity because ComCast suffered.

There was an opportunity for me to fall victim to a single point of failure and I effin' did.

Raaahhh!!!! There went my WAN and then there went my LAN.

My system was reduced to rubble and I was reduced to running a single computer on a single connection. My wife was less than thrilled. Her computer was off-line. I was less than thrilled. I had one computer out of four on-line, and my web-server and my storage server were among the casualties.

But Eugene, my SysAsdmin friend, came to my rescue.

I now have an encrypted, secure wireless connection to my wife's system (yay, no more friggin' lo-ong ugly wire upsetting her sense of interior decor,) and I have wired and encrypted, secure wireless connections between all my machines.

I am now looking at also getting Verizon FiOS, when it finally gets here, so I can have redundancy for getting onto the net.

---- "brainsbodyboth" by: "George Hrab"

Main Topic, part deux:

By coincidence, the book I'd been reading ("Understanding Disability; Inclusion, Access, Diversity, and Civil Rights" by: Paul T. Jaeger and Cynthia Ann Bowman, ISBN: 0-275-98226-2) has a section on the source of eugenics, which was used as justification for all kinds of abhorant behavior by everybody from the I.N.S. to Adolph Schicklgruber, (better known later as "Hitler".)

Eugene insists that his name just means "good boy" and that all other, more sinister meanings and connotations aren't his fault. (Well, the discussion lasted through several glasses of "Golden Drack" and he did get my network running, so I wasn't doing more that showing that I had actually read the book. :-)

---- "She Suffers from Superlatives" by: "George Hrab"


Now my wife has me starting another book, but I'll tell you about that next time. :-)

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