Saturday, July 28, 2007

msb-0181 Truth

msb-0181 Truth


---- "I Know The Truth " by: "Alec Berlin"

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I'll be posting the podcasts regularly but writing and recording all my shows on the week-end because work is going to be, uh, intense until the middle of September.

Feedback will seem erratic until further notice.

Holy shit!

I'm over 20,000 downloads.

I hope I didn't embarrass myself too badly.

---- "The Truth" by: "Rasa 9"

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---- "This Time I Want the Truth " by: "Jeff DeHerdt"

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---- "Tell Me Your Truth" by: "Shelly Niebuhr"

Main Topic: "Truth"

There are alway different shades of meaning and flavors of truth which cloud our meaning when we speak, unless we are talking about the final, most basic and fundamental of facts.

That's just the way life works with us humans.

Its always grays instead of black and white.

With MS some things are quite a bit rawer and starker, brought into sharp focus with high contrast, while the fuzziness that shrouds all sensation is quite a bit noisier, seen through a somewhat soiled, soft focus lens.

Yes MS is the bane of my existence but I got to work like everybody else (even if I'm trying to do it with frayed wiring and noise on the line on both incoming sensors and outgoing controllers.)

Thank whatever powers you might believe in that its possible.

With technology, teaching, training, tools and toys, we in the fortunate western "soit-disant" civilized world can achieve things which would have been utterly impossible less then a generation ago.

Think about that.

Everything, absolutely everything, has been affected by the expansion of knowledge.

The ballooning of our private universes could only have happened because of it.

---- "Searching For Truth" by: "Mike O'Hara"

Main Topic, part deux:

Much of what we can accomplish now was unthinkable, unfathomably deep and shrouded in obscurity less that twenty years ago.

Oh the seeds were planted but the techniques for revealing those world were still to be discovered.

There has never been more knowledge,, more information and more data than exists now and the total sum of this knowledge is growing at an accelerating pace, even as we debate it.

We will find a cure for MS but I suspect that MS will prove to be entirely different than what and how we currently think of it and what and how expect it to be.

Once we have elucidated all of the mysteries lying in the so-called "junk DNA", we may find that the syndrome we currently call MS may be due to some trivial transcription error.

But correcting that transcription error will prove to be a much more, uh, subtle process that just going over the sequence with an eraser.

If we age and die because we run out of telomerase on the ends of our genes, because we blow through or wear through the cap as we live, we may sicken and die because of something analogous.

The error may be trivial and come from a variety of sources but the process of stopping it and undoing the damage wrought may be extremely non-trivial.

It may even be a NP-complete class of problem where one solution causes yet another round of problems.

But one thing is sure, we learn at an exponential rate and the applicability of the knowledge from one sphere of research is rarely limited to the domain of where it was discovered.

Hope springs eternal.

---- "Cobalt Truth" by: "Daniel Adam Johnson"



mdmhvonpa said...

"Yes MS is the bane of my existence but I got to work like everybody else"

Odd .. I thought the IRS filled that category!

Charles-A. Rovira said...


Well, I'm a Canadian so taxes don't scare me ... I just pay them (and pay them and pay them and pay them and ...)

All money belongs to the gummint anyway.

You don't get to keep any when you're dead, (but you at least get to keep it until then.)

At least Canadians have health care.

There are deep and fundamental differences between people who can leave their fellow humans beings in the rain and cold (most of the 'States,) and those who live somewhere that gets below 40 degrees below zero (at that point it doesn't matter whether you're using Fahrenheit or Celcius, its frickin' cold, [most of Canada.])

Its the certainty that you're essentially condemning somebody to freezing to death on the pavement that makes Canada a, uh, better place to be poor.

People are kinder and gentler because they hate to pour boiling water on frozen corpses to un-stick them from them pavement.

Mike O'Hara said...

Thank you for playing my song "Searching for Truth". Much appreciated!