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msb-0171 Why I don't do videos...

msb-0171 Why I don't do videos...


---- "Car Ride - Julia Nonet's - Woodwind - String Orchestra" by: "Marty Buttwinick"

Feedback comes first, so...

There is none from you.

Boo Hoo...

But I do know that
  • over 150 downloads happened yesterday,
  • over 1,000 happened last week and
  • over 5,200 downloads happened last month.

I now have over 16,500 downloads.

You're listening...

---- "nameless Beauty " by: "Musuca"

Feed Forward comes next, so...

This is "your" segment.

Say "your" piece on this segment.

Share with other MSers whatever "you" want to share.

Drop me an email: charles at

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Feed Me comes third, so...

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Reminders on this segment only cost $0.03 per reminder per download of an episode. (A $30CPM targeted at MSers.)

It can/should lead to a full ad, in text, audio or video, which costs $3.00 per download.

That sounds expensive until you do the math and realize that if nobody downloads it it costs you nothing, unlike print, where you often can't even get an ad in to the specialized journals, or radio or TV where you'd just be wasting your money with the 0.0833% MSers rate of return. (That's about six times "below" the level of "statistical noise".)

But MSBPodcast is 100% in your market, and you only pay per download of your material.

No play, no pay.

Reach the MSers who would buy your therapy, product, good or service, with-out having to waste your advertising money on anyone who is "not" interested...

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---- "Prelude - Bach BWV 1007 " by: "Don Chihuahua"

Main Topic: "Why I don't do videos..."

With music, I only have to make sure, make really sure, that its PodSafe. I don't need the RIAA or ASCAP/BMI breathing down my neck. My life is full of enough shit already.

Then, I write my own pithy, witty or annoying text. (I'll let you decide which this is. One man's wit is another's half-wit. :-)

I am of course subject to the laws concerning plagiarism, libel and so on. (If I say something, I always give attribution. It makes me look, if not learned then at least well-read.)

The rest is mere opinion pieces, my view of things.

People can call me a wit, or a half-wit but its all legal.

As for the language... Which one do you want? French or English? And do you want it fine or coarse?

It is generally mild except when something gets under my skin and really bugs my ass.

(I stay away from politics, religions and sex; like the plague. Since my audience is supposed to have MS, they are statistically likely to be old enough to hear anything I've got to say. [And if you're not, get an older kid to explain the words to you in the school yard. {Telling you not to listen would be just like waving a red cape in front of a bull.}])

But this is "not" broadcast, so the FCC has nothing to say.

You're finding me and if you don't like what you're reading or hearing, you can always stop reading the blogs or listening to the 'casts.

I don't make any claims and I don't push anything except this 'cast in your direction.

Any ads I get are/will be entirely the responsibility of the advertiser. I don't/won't take from or add to them or editorialize about them in any way. They are in control of their words and images.

(I don't do video, and you'll hear why not in the next segment, but the ads can be unique pieces of PDFs, audio or video and delivered via the mechanism of, the media of podcasting.)

---- "Retitled Lambda" by: "dotCommunism"

Main Topic, part deux:

With video, "everything" gets much more complicated. Much, much more complicated. It also gets immediately much much, more expensive.

There are lots of permissions and releases to obtain, permits and licenses to buy before you legally can shoot a single frame of film (or record a single image on your hard drive.)

The equipment to do so costs, big time, and everything and everybody involved also costs, big time. (You should go through the "B+H Pro" series of catalogs sometime. [You just wonder who the heck has that much money? {The answer is "nobody does" (but by pooling the little bits they can get off of each of you, [the fees they can charge or letting you see the finished product,] they can afford it.)}])

The real costs of media piracy are borne by everybody, even the pirate. (Eventually the parasites kill the host.) The problem is that the various AAs run the risk of no longer fulfilling their roles as society's "cleaning rasps" and becoming parasites themselves. (Yes, I've just compared a bunch of lawyers to little fish with a "penchant" for eating dead skin off the body politic, [as opposed to sharks which take bites out of swimmers! :-])

My source of information for this section of the podcast is another podcast "This Week In Media" [ ] as well as what I happen to read on, in or about media.

I have been listening to them for about a year and they are a lively bunch of audio/video professional.

It is well worth the hour or so a week that I spend with my earphones on or my earbuds in (or even listening over the speakers if I happen to be home and alone [My wife doesn't want to hear about any of this podcasting stuff. {Her iPod is in a box, on a shelf, somewhere. (She's into print; [not quite a Luddite but with a much better understanding of and appreciation for the fine arts, performance arts, and the written word. {She's no dummy and she's no slouch.}])}])

It's funny, for someone who knows so much about media, and who see his place in it in a MacLuhanistic sense, I am well aware of its power and limitations.

Broadcast, which is only a little over a century old, is being displaced in our attention by the internetworked reality of podcasting, with its power to focus on what we need to read, hear and see, what can profit "us", rather than what an appallingly small number of people want to legislate we "must" read, hear and see because their economic model depends on it.

But the legislation is always based on how and what we "choose" to do. (The root of "legislate" is the Latin word "legare", or "choice".)

Trying to coerce behavior with legislation is a "fools' errand".

The best you can ever hope for is that the issue is complex enough that people will be willing to pay for "experts" and that that expertise doesn't cost too much. (But music ain't nuclear physics and everybody's got an opinion. "They may not be able to play but they sure can listen.")

History is littered with the occasional failures, the civilizations which just disappeared for no discernible reason, because their citizenry got tired of the costs and founded some other, less onerous, civilizations.

---- "Piano only " by: "Upstairs"


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